Google launches “My Account” A new website to control your account.

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On Monday, Google launched a “My Account” section on a new sub-domain “//“, which allows you to access your account related privacy and security settings all in one place. And the page is responsive, means it build to be accessible by all devices, may be mobile, tablet or desktop.

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My Account is divided into three major sections; Sing-in & Security, Personal info & privacy and Account preferences.

The advantage of having a separate Hub for account is that, you can directly access all the settings and control your google account from one single place. Here you can configure your connected accounts/apps, device activity, signing related activities, elsewhere in Privacy section your can manage your personal info, account history, Ads settings, account overview and control your content And in the account preference section you have options for Language & Input tools, accessibility, google drive storage and account deletion link.

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More to that, at the bottom of the page, there is a link for new privacy page, where Google answers all your privacy related queries using FAQs and more.

Source: Google blog

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