Google launches a separate website, to help you decide which phone to buy.

Written by Deepak

The toughest question before buying a smartphone is, to know which phone to buy. There are hundreds of phones available to purchase, Samsung itself has more than 10 handsets in a specific range. But on this website, depending upon your requirements and kind of use, you can filter your next device easily.

Its an attempt by Google, to help you buy device more easily and obviously promote its Android market.


To go with this site, you simply have to go through some options like, “What is the main task for your next android purchase?” like is it, for Being productive, Gaming, Social Media, Web Browsing, listening music or whatever. Then you need to choose, how much actions you perform related to your selected task like for how much hours do you use email from your phone, again you can choose other major activity like Gaming or something and again then, which kind of games you like to play, if the criteria matches, the website you show your suitable Android phones.

You may choose any of the selected Network Carrier providers or skip and then filter your devices more by selecting the screen size, price range and read in detail more about them. And at the end you may choose to buy instantly from the Network proviers or from your nearest retail.

Its a new feature and indeed very useful, which lets you narrow down the list of phones for your next purchase.

Site: Which phone to buy

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