Get your dream device at a never before price with Samsung’s NO MO’ FOMO sale

Get your dream device at a never before price with Samsung’s NO MO’ FOMO sale
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Get your dream device at Samsung No Mo' FOMO Sale

Samsung’s biggest sale of the year is live. Whether you’ve been waiting to upgrade your smartphone, get a smartwatch, or replace your old television with one that promises the best viewing experience, this is your chance to grab your dream device at a never-before price.

Samsung’s NO MO’ FOMO sale covers a wide range of products, including the bestselling Samsung smartphones and wearable devices, as well as home appliances, like televisions washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners. Besides dropping prices on a massive product line-up on, the consumer appliances giant also offers special benefits on Samsung Shop App.

Samsung brings you closer to your dream device

Samsung is known for creating innovative devices that can bolster your productivity and creativity. The latest Galaxy Z Fold4 is one such device that not only looks trendy but includes several features to change your smartphone experience forever.

Tanisha loves the Galaxy Z Fold4 because it gives her extra screen space for her work. Two screens allow her to open multiple apps simultaneously. She can continue working on one of the screens while chatting with her friends on WhatsApp on the other. When she wants to focus more on her work, she can use both screens together to get a larger display that makes it easier to read and edit documents on the go.

For those who are into photography, the Galaxy Z Flip4 makes it easier to capture new perspectives with the FlexCam, a versatile, hands-free camera. You can use the foldable screen to capture exquisite details, stunning group shots, selfies and videos. You can also take selfies with the Rear Camera, getting a real-time preview on the Cover Screen. The compact smartphone fits in the pocket yet opens up a whole new world in an instant.

Get your dream device at Samsung No Mo' FOMO Sale

The sale also extends to the epic Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ smartphones. For those who prefer a conventional style but disruptive performance, Galaxy S22 and S22+ are powered by Samsung’s fastest-ever chipset. Both smartphones feature an excellent Nightography camera, allowing you to vividly capture the night.

You’ll also appreciate the long-lasting battery, especially when you need to stay connected for long hours without charging your phone. Imagine getting out of a party late at night to book an Uber and your phone has no battery to function. With the Galaxy S22 series smartphones, such a situation is unlikely. You can also watch movies or play games for hours without worrying about your phone overheating or losing its battery abruptly.

Talking about movies, is there anything that kills the viewing experience faster than televisions with poor-quality displays? Ishaan’s entire family comes together every night to watch movies or a TV series after dinner. It’s the only time the family gets to bond, but their old television often ruins the experience, owing to poor picture quality and even eye strain.

Get your dream device at Samsung No Mo' FOMO Sale

Ishaan decided to make the festive season more special for his family by upgrading to a Samsung Crystal 4K UHD Smart TV. The television is equipped with the powerful Crystal Processor 4K that offers peerless picture quality. You can expect a true 4K resolution with even regular videos shot in 1080p upscaled to look like 4K videos. Thanks to sophisticated colour mapping technology, you’ll also experience vivid and more lifelike colours.

In case you want a television with a fantastic display while also decorating your house, Samsung has a wide range of Frame televisions on sale. The Frame QLED 4K TV is a top-selling model with a matte display and modern frame design. You can customise the television’s frame to match your space and turn on the art mode when the TV is off to flaunt renowned art galleries in your own home. You can choose from over 1600 pieces of art to find the one that matches your décor and mood.

Live better with Samsung

The Samsung NO MO’ FOMO sale is not just about upgrading your experiences but also improving your life with Samsung devices. The Galaxy Watch5 Pro is the ultimate companion for people who want to get fit or stay fit.

The Galaxy Watch5 Pro is specially designed for adventure seekers who like to spend their free time exploring new trails. Features like GPS route tracking keep you from straying, while a large 590mAH battery ensures you’re always connected. Galaxy Watch5 Pro also features sophisticated BioActive Sensor controls, advanced sleep-tracking and a body composition monitor – features that are also available in Galaxy Watch5.

For a more holistic experience, pair your Galaxy smartwatch with a pair of Galaxy Buds2 Pro that promises a slip-free, ergonomic fit. The Galaxy Buds2 Pro earbuds ensure seamless connectivity and Hi-Fi sound in your ear, cutting out the noise actively while accentuating the sounds you need to hear. Picture working out at home with your favourite tracks playing in your ears but still being able to hear the doorbell because you’re waiting for an important delivery. Wearable devices can be purchased at never before prices, with up to 55% off on selected models.

Buy More Save More with Samsung

Samsung’s NO MO’ FOMO sale helps you improve your life with high-performing devices at the best prices. The deal gets sweeter as you shop more – with an additional 5% off on discounted prices when you purchase two or more products. The Buy More Save More offer lets you create versatile bundles to get more value.

Also, look out for No Cost EMIs on leading bank cards and earn additional cashback on select cards.

All you have to do is visit or open the Samsung Shop App to see the latest offers. Type “FOMO” or “offers” in this Whats App chat to know more about the offers. You can also avail special benefits at Samsung Exclusive Stores.

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