Galaxy Z Fold 5 might not be all that different after all, with same outer display and cameras

Galaxy Z Fold 5 might not be all that different after all, with same outer display and cameras
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Samsung has been expected to debut a bigger upgrade to its flagship foldable phone later this year, but it seems there may be fewer changes than many were hoping for. According to a pair of new leaks, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 won’t be changing its outer display or cameras.

With the Galaxy Z Fold 5, Samsung is all but confirmed to bring a new hinge design. That should lessen the display crease on the inner screen dramatically, as many of Samsung’s competitors such as Oppo have accomplished.

According to Ice Universe, a fairly reliable Samsung tipster, the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5 will retain the same 6.2-inch screen size on its outer display as the prior three generations.

While it’s not confirmed that the aspect ratio of the display will change, having the same size implies it likely will. That’s a bit of shame to see, as Samsung has long been criticized for its outer display on the Fold lineup, as its very tall and narrow design can be awkward for typing and some apps. Meanwhile, foldables of the same style from other brands, such as Xiaomi and Honor, have outer displays far more reminiscent of a traditional smartphone.

What might be more disappointing, though, is that the Galaxy Z Fold 5 may not see a camera upgrade either. It was previously reported that the Fold 5 would arrive with the same 108MP camera that Samsung has used in its Ultra phones for the past couple of generations, which has now been succeeded by the 200MP sensor in the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

There’s some room for interpretation in Ice’s tweet on the matter, as it’s said that the phone will use the same “camera module,” but that still strongly implies there won’t be an upgrade coming. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 uses the same 50MP primary camera as the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S23, and we were fairly happy with it in our review last year.

Galaxy Z Fold5 will continue to use the same camera module as Fold4. It is impossible to use HP2.

— Ice universe (@UniverseIce) March 10, 2023

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 is expected to arrive later on this year alongside a new Flip device and Galaxy Watch.

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