GAC showcases hydrogen-powered MPV with 373 mile range

GAC showcases hydrogen-powered MPV with 373 mile range
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Chinese automaker GAC Group on Monday unveiled its efforts to develop hydrogen-powered vehicles with the demonstration of a multi-purpose vehicle that can travel 600 kilometers (373 miles) on a single tank. Toyota’s manufacturing partner said that 1.4 kg of hydrogen can support travel of up to 100 km for its hydrogen-powered E9 van, which it claims is the first passenger car model in China using liquid hydrogen fuel. Further details about the model, including price, are yet to be announced. The company also introduced Adigo Magic, an open-source software platform that allows fast development and quick testing of in-car software services, adding that its high-end coupe Hyper GT would become the first model to have its in-car software built on the platform. [GAC announcement, in Chinese]

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