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Hike messenger is a india largest instant messenger. It has over 35 billion users and now they are offering you to make a free voice calling feature over 2G, 3G and Wi-Fi across the globe in over 200 countries.

The new feature has been introduced of the company acquiring ZipPhone, a free calling app. Hike calls have been optimized to consume very little data, low on your pocket and full encrypted, giving its users more calling minutes per MB of data. The free Hike calling feature is currently in beta on Android, as the platform contributes to over 90 percent of Hike’s user base. The company plans to roll out iOS and Windows versions by the end of this quarter.

Data Usage Per Second (declared by Hike) –

This is what it volume it will cost, when you Hike VoIP per second.

2G – 2 KB/s
3G – 2.5 KB/s
Wi-fi – 7 KB/s

Download : Hike Beta ver

Source : Hike

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