Figma vs. Adobe XD

Figma vs. Adobe XD
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Not all clouds are created equal. Designers are making the switch from Creative Cloud to Figma. Start designing on the Web today.

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Why choose Figma over Adobe XD?

Faster in the cloud

With Figma, your files just live on the Web. No more version mixups. No more cloud syncing. No more transferring files between your work and personal computers.

Collaboration first

Figma was purpose-built for collaboration. Sharing files is a breeze, and collaborators have the right context to give the right feedback. Collaboration features are hard to tack on to an existing product.

No detail too small

Designers who’ve tried both Figma and Adobe XD tell us the difference is in the details. Figma pays attention to the smallest of product details (because we know you do).

When it comes to designing collaboratively, Figma is lightyears ahead.

Senior Product Designer, Peakon

But isn’t Adobe XD also in the cloud?

With Adobe XD, local files must be synced to Creative Cloud in order to share. Any further updates made to the local file must then be re-synced and re-shared.

Also, pay attention to the Adobe XD’s sharing and cloud storage limits. The Starter plan allows for one shared file and 2GB of file storage. With Figma, sharing and cloud storage is unlimited.

I heard Adobe XD is also building collaboration features…

Collaborating in Adobe XD is different than collaborating in Figma. In Adobe XD, you design in one place but share in another. Comments are in a separate experience, and changes from different co-editors need to be merged manually.

Because Figma is Web-based, your design file is a Web link, a single source of truth, and a collaborative space for your entire team.

I don’t want a bunch of people in my design file…

It sounds scary at first, but you can choose how collaborative you want to be. Just like Google Docs, files are private unless you choose to share with others. Sharing Figma files gets you instant feedback via comments directly in your design, so that means no more exporting PDFs and consolidating feedback.

Figma is fast. Files are always up to date. And it’s easy to share designs across the organization and collaborate.

Sr. Design Manager, Twitter

Is a Web-based app really performant?

Backed by a powerful 2D WebGL rendering engine that supports very large documents, we take performance seriously. Plus the Web comes with special powers, like real-time updates and seamless collaboration.

But I use Photoshop and Illustrator…

Don’t stop! We believe you should use the best tool for the job. If you’re photo-editing, choose Adobe Photoshop. If you’re doing detailed illustrations, Adobe Illustrator is a no-brainer. But if you’re looking for the best tool for UX design, Figma is here for you. Plus you can easily import images and SVG code into Figma and have your cake and eat it (too).

But I’m a student…

Figma will be forever free for students and educators. If you are using Figma in a learning environment, you may be eligible to get our Professional plan for free. That means no matter where you and your students are, Figma can be a virtual classroom for you all to learn and work together.

Figma has designed the future. It’s the modern approach to product design.

Design Lead, Medium

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