Facebook Will – Who will manage your Facebook account, when you die?

Written by Deepak

Facebook just rolled out a new feature called Legacy Contact. A legacy contact will be able to handle your Facebook profile after your death. Once Facebook is has been notified, that a person has passed away, Facebook will memorialise that account and its access will be granted to the assigned Legacy contact.

Using this feature, you can set a profile, which will get access to your Facebook account and then the he/she can:

  • announce memorial service
  • share personal message
  • change timeline cover image
  • respond to friendship requests
  • update profile photo
  • download your Facebook data like photos, videos and profile information

Though, the legacy contact won’t be able to read your personal messages or log as the dead person. This legacy account holder can be a family member or a friend.

As per Facebook, people can also ask for permanent account deletion after their death.


Facebook pays tribute to the deceased by adding “Remembering” above their name on the timeline page


The feature has currently started rolling out in US and will gradually spread further in other countries.

Source/Credits: Facebook

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