Facebook revamped it’s Event app and launched it as Facebook Local

Written by Deepak

Rejoice food lovers. You favourite social network is dedicating an app to help you in discovering new places and events in the neighborhood. Facebook Local has all the major features from Facebook Events, but it also brings foods, bars, activities from the pages you follow and the locality you are in.
Basically, it lets you discover bars, restaurants, nearby attractions, events, where your friends are going and much more. It uses all the data collected from Facebook Check ins, Likes, locations, activities to give you better recommendations on a Map layout and allows you to filter the data by time, location and more.


Facebook Local is definitely a competition to Yelp, Foursquare. There services were used by people to find local food cuisines, restaurants and much more. With a huge user-base of around 70 million business pages, user check ins, reviews Facebook is gonna surely dominate the market in this category.

The App has been released to some of the regions, but will soon be available for all. And regarding ads, there are no current plans to promote/advertise local businesses in the App, in long future we may see that happening. But for now, Facebook Local is really worth looking for.

Grab the app for your phone:

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