Elon Musk Will Feed xAI Twitter Data To Train Its Language Model And Develop Artificial General Intelligence

Elon Musk Will Feed xAI Twitter Data To Train Its Language Model And Develop Artificial General Intelligence
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Elon Musk will use Twitter data to train the Artificial Intelligence (AI) language models being developed in his latest company xAI. Musk intends to develop Artificial General Intelligence.

Elon Musk recently unveiled his latest company intended to build Generative AI that could challenge OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google’s Bard, and perhaps other platforms as well. Let’s look at the latest developments, which could explain Musk’s decisions about Twitter.

Elon Musk Will Feed xAI Twitter Data To Train Its Language Model

Elon Musk’s xAI To Develop Artificial General Intelligence

Elon Musk claimed the purpose of his new AI company, xAI, will be to “understand the universe.” In a Twitter Spaces podcast, Musk revealed his vision for xAI, and Artificial Intelligence in general. He seemingly joked that xAI’s mission statement would be “What the hell is really going on?”

During the Twitter Spaces session, which got delayed because Twitter needed to “tweak the algorithm to promote the chat to more users”, Musk said xAI would work closely with his other companies, Twitter and Tesla.

Every Generative AI platform needs humongous volumes of data to train its “Large Language Models”. ChatGPT-3 and Google Bard have been feeding their data available in the public domain.

Elon Musk indicated xAI will use “Public Tweets” to train its AI models. The same data and Generative AI platform may eventually work with Tesla on AI software. Such a relationship would have “mutual benefit” and could accelerate Tesla’s work in self-driving capabilities, Musk said.

Is Musk Reserving Twitter Data For His Own Startup?

After OpenAI’s ChatGPT exploded in usage and Google offered Bard, Musk became quite vocal about regulating AI. He has been quite outspoken about the unbridled and unregulated growth of AI.

However, Elon Musk has now joined the bandwagon and will develop his own Generative AI. Incidentally, Musk accused all AI companies of training their models using Twitter data. He even characterized the use of publicly available data as illegal and claimed he is considering taking legal action.

Musk recently started restricting the visibility of Tweets to all its users to stop rampant data scraping. He may have taken this decision, which angered almost all Twitter users, to prevent tech companies from using Twitter data. This raises the possibility that Musk wants to reserve Twitter Data for xAI.

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