DoT India, blocks access to Github, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Sourceforge and other 28 websites.

Internet censorship is not new, countries like China, Pakistan, India have history of blocking access to specific websites in their country, last week China blocked access to Gmail.

Many users in India are currently facing problems in accessing some of the websites like Vimeo, Github, Pastbin, Dailymotion and more. Later a tweet about the Department of Telecommunication’s (DoT) official letter to ISP (Internet Service Providers) emerged, mentioning direct orders to restrict access to 32 sites in the name of its censorship laws. The order was sent on 17th of December, 2014 but it got public today through twitter.

A key excerpt for order was tweeted by Pranesh Rakesh, Director at the Centre for Internet and Society (CIS).

A while later, Head of BJP-India IT Cell also tweeted that the sites were listed because they are carrying Anti-India content from ISIS.

He also added, those websites which are co-operating and removing the suspected content are being unblocked.

As reported sites like Vimeo, PasteBin, Github are still not accessible to many users on Vodafone Network. Vimeo and DailyMotion are video streaming websites like Youtube and have a huge number of users. Whereas Github holds around 8 million registered users worldwide and has huge importance for tech companies across the world, which allows developers to share their code and collaborated development repositories.

Sites like and PasteBin have tweeted that users are complaining from users in India. Until now, no official news is out, that for how long period, this ban will restrict access to these websites.

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