DJI Staff Denies Rumors of Withdrawing from the US Market

DJI Staff Denies Rumors of Withdrawing from the US Market
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On May 17th, in response to recent online rumors such as “DJI refuses to pay fines” and “DJI exits the US market”, DJI staff made a clear denial and pointed out that DJI has not conveyed any related information in any official company statement or external communication.

DJI personnel also stated that regarding the Textron patent case, the company will appeal and resolutely defend its own rights and interests.

According to reports, Textron, an American aerospace company, won a $279 million ruling against DJI. They convinced a federal jury in Waco, Texas that DJI intentionally infringed on their patent.

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After a week-long trial, the jury agreed with Textron Innovations, a subsidiary of Textron, that DJI’s drones infringed on two patents related to drone flight control systems.

In response, a spokesperson for DJI stated in a statement that the company strongly opposes this ruling and will actively seek all avenues to defend its legal rights.

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