Did studying proof based math topics e.g. analysis make you a better programmer?

Hope all is well.
I love math but haven’t studied much of it.

I have only studied up to real analysis. But definitely not a whole semester worth; my experience with analysis has been analogous to Poor performance in a quarter based analysis course. I did some exercises but not many.

I have heard from an mit professor[1] that math is the way to learn to think rigorously. So I’m curious about this and I’d like to improve my thinking skills in the hope that I will become a better programmer.

In an article a math professor said that there was some evidence that math improved logical skills[2].

So I’m wondering if any of you noticed that your thinking skills improved thereby making you a better programmer after studying analysis or topology or some other proof based math course.

Also which math other than the math required in CS programs should one study to be a better programmer and thinker?

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