Cybertruck in Ford F-150 camo snapped with open hood to reveal the pickup’s smallish frunk

Cybertruck in Ford F-150 camo snapped with open hood to reveal the pickup’s smallish frunk
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The Cybertruck in F-150 camo (image: Greggertruck/Twitter)
The Cybertruck in F-150 camo (image: Greggertruck/Twitter)

Tesla’s Cybertruck electric pickups have been caught with the hood open, baring the front trunk’s innards for what seems to be the first time. The curious part is that the Cybertrucks in question have been camouflaged to look like an ICE Ford F-150.

Tesla may have decided to make a bigger deal of its Cybertruck’s front trunk than it originally envisioned fairly recently, at least according to the changes in its various prototypes. After seeing the positive remarks about the Ford F-150 Lightning’s big Mega Power frunk which forms when the hood front opens as well, Tesla apparently decided to do the same and equipped the Cybertruck with a meatier frunk under a hood that lifts together together with the front and the light bar.

Unfortunately, as a leaked picture of two Cybertrucks with their hoods open reveals, the frunk of Tesla’s electric pickup may still come smaller than that of the F-150 Lightning. Coincidentally, those two Cybertrucks are wrapped in new camo that tries to dress them up as a regular Ford F-150 (or a generic pickup truck, for that matter) for some reason known only to Tesla.

Whether trolling or camouflaging effectively, the move reveals the innards of the Cybertruck’s frunk before a liner is installed. Thus, it can’t be said with certainty how big is the storage space at the front, or whether there will be power outlets for tools or coolers like on Ford’s F-150 Lightning. As mentioned, it does seem that, after installing the frunk’s separator, liner, and any eventual outlet paraphernalia, it will be quite a bit smaller than on the F-150 Lightning simply because the Cybertruck’s front and hood are much shorter.  

The Cybertruck, however, was recently snapped from all angles at a Peterson Automotive Museum event, ridden by none other than Tesla’s chief designer Franz von Holzhausen. There, people got a chance to tinker with it before access got restricted and noticed that there is a “vault” with a lid hidden under the truck bed. This one may apparently also be used for storage or coolers, as if to compensate for the seemingly smallish space at the front.

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Camouflaged Cybertruck reveals the frunk's innards before the liner
Camouflaged Cybertruck reveals the frunk’s innards before the liner

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