Jab Mehngai Ke Lage Jhatke, BuyHatke!

Written by Chiraj

I remember it was 2012, year when Apache Hadoop, Lytro camera and AMD opteron 6000 series were on its way. Just one fine day,an old school friend of mine, sent me a link on Facebook and asked my word on it.

Later when I checked the website, and I was like whoa whoa whoa !!! My jaw dropped so hard that whole burger could fit in. In front of me lied a brand new search engine, special thing about which was, it could just search whatever product you enter and display its specifications from shopping portals all over the Internet. Wasn’t this crazy??? this surely was the thing, which everyone secretly wanted!

 All this might have started when my school friend Gaurav Dahake (keep up guys,I don’t want to remind it to you every time) might have felt that crowd was being robbed-confused when it comes to Online shopping and is not able to the find cheapest price for a particular product effectively* .  It was his desire along with his friend to create something really useful for the masses (unlike Microsofts Windows vista) that made him leave his 16L PA job and stay on his hatke track which later on bloomed into India’s first and only dynamic product/price search startup at Banglore with name BuyHatke.



About the Founder:

With one short story, I will tell you about the founder, but before that, let me ask you two questions ,”How many of you were thrown out of class at least once??” followed by “how many of you came back in class and took a book with you to revise or study?? . Dehade (his nick name) did. He had(still has I checked) this smile on his face all the time which even used to make teachers uncomfortable and they felt that they are being made fun of . One occasion for the same reason a teacher in bad mood asked him to leave the class which he did!! but hardly in matter of seconds he came in, took a book and left again.

The thing is, everybody knows “what to do”,” how much to do” when we have a goal in front of us but there is this difference between the one who really succeeds and the rest of them . Be it at  gym, work, studies, sports there is always someone who you want to be like but lack the will to do so. He was the one who could differentiate that  and work accordingly. From what I know of him, once he started playing game, he wouldnt stop until its done, come what may. Desperation and the right attitude along with many other qualities made him, what he is today. Motive behind story was to tell you about an ordinary guy who not only used to think extraordinary but also supported and protected his dream with his efforts. The later is what most of us lack.



So, wake up if you slept during the story, if not, the following numbers will surely wake you up.Currently BUYHATKE supports 45+ website result integration, automatic coupon including features, social network integration, chrome extension, firefox extension and what not. Also, Buyhatke’s android app is on its way.Now looking at the official statistics there are exact 77,480 installations for extensions,  25,013 people used extension in last hour and saved money. Also, talking about the money saved Rs. 28,573,456 is being saved till date of the people using this website and extension. Why wait, when you can be the part of this revolution?

In-case you missed the links, here are the links again :

Official Website :

Chrome Extension: Download Link

Firefox Extension : Download Link

PS: Gaurav o still havent returned you your 9999999 in 1 video game cassette. 😀 Best luck getting that back.

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