Code sheds light on rumored iPhone 15 Pro action button

Code sheds light on rumored iPhone 15 Pro action button
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In a nutshell: Apple recently released the fourth iOS 17 beta. Developers immediately started digging into the code and it didn’t take long to unearth some interesting findings. As MacRumors highlights, devs discovered multiple code snippets relating to functionality that would align with a rumored action button like the one found on the Apple Watch Ultra.

Presumably, this new physical button could be programmed for one-touch access to a number of handy functions on Pro-class iPhone models where it is expected to replace the existing ring / silent switch.

The uncovered code points to nine pre-programmed function categories. Although only referenced by name, we can deduce what each one will likely do.

  • Accessibility: This option will likely allow the user to bind the action button to a specific accessibility feature, like enabling audio descriptions or magnifying screen content.
  • Silent Mode: This option would mirror how the ring / silent switch functions on existing iPhones, allowing you to silence the phone with a single press.
  • Camera: A simple button press could launch the camera app or be used as a shutter button when the camera is already open.
  • Shortcuts: A shortcut could perform any number of functions such as launching a specific playlist, controlling a smart home device, or sending a text message.

  • Flashlight: The flashlight is a basic feature on every modern smartphone, and a dedicated button to turn it on and off would be incredibly convenient.
  • Focus: This option could allow a user to toggle iOS’ focus mode, such as entering or exiting do not disturb mode.
  • Magnifier: This shortcut could allow one-button access to launch the magnifier app to use the iPhone’s camera to zoom in on text or objects.
  • Translate: A translate shortcut could launch the translate app to help with a rocky conversation.
  • Voice Memos: Need to take note of something in the heat of the moment but don’t want to type it out? Push-button voice memo functionality could be handy.

We won’t have to wait long to see how this materializes as most expect Apple to announce the iPhone 15 family in early September.

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