Chinese Astronauts Begin to Transfer the Cargo of Tianzhou-6

Chinese Astronauts Begin to Transfer the Cargo of Tianzhou-6
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On May 12th, the crew of Shenzhou-15 spacecraft opened the hatch of Tianzhou-6 cargo spacecraft and carried out related work such as cargo transfer according to plan.

This morning, footage from multiple cameras inside the Tianzhou-6 cabin was transmitted back from space.

Tianzhou-6 loaded 6 astronauts from Shenzhou-16 and Shenzhou-17, consumables for in-orbit residence, propellants required by the space station, application experiments and test equipment, etc., with a total weight of more than 7 tons.

The cell uplink life support device was installed on the Tianzhou-6 cargo spacecraft only 5 hours before launch, because it has high requirements for time and temperature, which is also the first thing that astronauts deal with.

After opening the hatch of Tianzhou-6, astronauts completed necessary tests and procedures and immediately transferred them to the biotechnology experiment cabinet in WenTian cabin.

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In addition, the consumables carried by astronauts who will stay in orbit on Tianzhou-6 are more abundant this time, mainly including clothing, food, drinking water, etc.

Among them, the weight of fresh fruits is about 70 kilograms, which is twice the weight of fruit carried by Tianzhou-5. These fruits will also meet the dietary needs of the crew members of Shenzhou-15 currently on China’s space station and those of Shenzhou-16 astronauts who will enter China’s space station.

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