Celebrate Pride with Facebook, by adding Rainbow filter on your profile photo.

Written by Deepak

As Supreme Court allowed Same Sex marriages legal in the states, the world started celebrating. Web based companies celebrated by using¬†Rainbow color in their Logo’s, banners and more.
Google created a rainbow colored art on its search page, when you hit “Gay marriage” on the search page.
Facebook created a cool tool, to apply the rainbow filter to your Profile photos. This tool allows you to show your support for Marriage equality.

To add the rainbow color filter to your profile photo, simply visit on your browser (need to be logged-in into your Facebook account), and there you are, with your Rainbow photo celebrating pride.

Facebook is not alone, celebrating it this way, many companies like Apple, Uber, Salesforce, The White House, CNET,Stack Overflow and many more.

Ad if you are curious, why this Rainbow color ?, here is small history about it.

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