CCHG Presale to Pump with Rewards for Investors Incoming As New Payments App Launched

CCHG Presale to Pump with Rewards for Investors Incoming As New Payments App Launched
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The fact that C+Charge is breaking all records when it comes to the presale of its native CCHG coin is not big news because it is a scenario that we have been witnessing since the first day of the appearance of this best green crypto. But what is new is the fact that C+Charge launches a new payments app with rewards for investors incoming, which will certainly lead to an increase in interest in CCHG coin, and will certainly contribute to the additional strengthening of this crypto.

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C+Charge has pleased users with launching the beta version of its app

The leading eco-friendly crypto platform intended primarily for EV drivers, which is revolutionizing the carbon credit industry, pleased all users with the news that the initial web version of the C+Charge app has been launched! Users will be able to use this web version of the C+Charge application, until the iOS Apple App Store version is approved.

This news thrilled users, and we can safely say, it influenced the additional growth of interest in investing in the best green crypto for 2023, CCHG.

From the first day, C+Charge has been perceived as an ideal solution for achieving carbon neutrality and, comprehensively, for reducing the worrying rate of environmental pollution.

People are more and more aware of the alarming environmental situation on the planet, and an increasing number of people are trying to turn to greener solutions. Because of this, C+Charge has reached huge popularity and huge success in record time.

C+Charge encourages an increasing number of users to opt for electric vehicles by providing all EV drivers with a simple, transparent, and safe charging process for their EVs. This platform enables EV drivers to charge their EVs at EV charging stations worldwide, and most importantly, rewards them for this environmentally conscious behavior with carbon credits! So, C+Charge rewards electric vehicle drivers with carbon credits each time they use the C+Charge app, that is, pay for their charging with CCHG coins, which, you’ll agree, is a really huge motivation. 

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How does C+Charge function, and how can you, as a user, benefit from this platform?

The main idea of C+Charge is to enable EV drivers to charge their EVs easily and safely, through simple payment transactions, additionally encouraging them with the possibility of earning carbon credits and other rewards.

C+Charge does this through a Peer-to-Peer payment system powered by the C+Charge utility token (CCHG). CCHG enables users to pay at charging stations worldwide, and at the same time eliminates the need to use a point-of-sale system, which further reduces costs. 

What is most appealing  to users, is the fact that they will be rewarded with carbon credits every time they pay for charging using CCHG tokens. Those carbon credits will be stored in their C+Charge app so they can use them later.

The additional benefits that this platform brings certainly apply to the fact that C+Charge provides users with a handful of useful information for making quick and informed decisions about where to charge their vehicle. 

And another thing that users point out as particularly important is the price transparency provided by C+Charge. EV drivers can see exactly how much their charging session will cost, which makes the entire charging process more transparent and cost-effective.

It is clear that these benefits are the main reason for the huge interest of users in CCHG, however, the success of the presale will be additionally influenced by the positive predictions of crypto analysts, who announce a growth in the value of CCHG tokens of at least 30x during 2023.


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We are getting close to completing the C+Charge presale, don’t miss your chance to buy CCHG at the best price!

We are currently in the sixth of a total of eight planned phases of the CCHG token presale, and so far more than an amazing $2,700,000 has been raised! The ultimate goal of the platform to collect $3,443,943 will be reached very soon, already by the end of this month, which means that there is still very little time left to buy CCHG tokens at the best, presale price. 

At this moment, you can buy one CCHG token for 0.019 USDT, but we are days away from moving to the next stage of the presale, and therefore, from a price increase. Seize the moment and buy the best green crypto ASAP because CCHG is one of the best and safest investment options. 

Not only will you have immediate benefits, but you can calmly and relaxedly observe the further development and progress of this coin, considering that C+Charge has already started to conduct the weekly token burning of all those tokens that were not sold during the certain presale phase. This token burning adds additional security to all investors, because it affects the regulation of supply, and thus the stabilization of the price of this coin.

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Taking into account the presale results that C+Charge has achieved so far, the growing number of users opting for CCHG, the weekly token burning that C+Charge is conducting, as well as the latest news related to the launch of the application, we can safely say that the best days for this crypto are yet to come. 2023 will surely be the year in which CCHG will shine in its full glory, and we look forward to seeing the future progress of the best green crypto and reaching the positive predictions that crypto experts announce for this coin.

There is still very little time left to buy the CCHG token at the best, presale price, so hurry up to buy it, get instant benefits from owning it and at the same time, do a good thing for our planet.

CCHG Presale to Pump with Rewards for Investors Incoming!

Best eco-friendly platform, C+Charge, has launched the beta version of its app as $2.7 million is raised & it presale edges to a close!

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