Beyond Driverless Trucks: Building Infrastructure for Autonomous EV Systems

Beyond Driverless Trucks: Building Infrastructure for Autonomous EV Systems
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Swedish company Einride says it sees the road ahead for shipping: electric, autonomous vehicles.


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Watch this: No Driver? No Problem. Building Autonomous EV Systems

The Gen 2 is a truck without any cab for a driver to sit in. That’s because it’s designed to drive autonomously, under the supervision of a remote operator who’s responsible for multiple vehicles simultaneously.

Einride’s Autonomous Electric Transport operates at SAE level 4 autonomy, meaning autonomous driving under limited conditions. 

Both the Gen 2 and the remote operation station are made by Sweden-based transportation company Einride, which aims to provide more than just autonomous EVs.


The Gen 2 beside the Einride Remote Interface, which enables an operator to supervise multiple vehicles at a time.


Einride thinks in terms of grids, or transportation networks that include everything to keep freight moving: vehicles, drivers, software and charging stations. 

In November the company announced plans to build its first charging station in the US, a new Einride Station for providing power to its grid in the Port of Los Angeles.

CEO Robert Falk told CNET that Einride is focused on scaling up its operations and making its technology more widespread.


Einride’s autonomous electric trucks are already operating on public roads in some countries.


To see Einride’s trucks in action, check out the video in this article.

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