Best Tea Accessories (2023): Kettles, Infusers, and More

Best Tea Accessories (2023): Kettles, Infusers, and More
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The Mountain Tea tumbler is an insulated 16-ounce thermos with a brewer basket that fits down into the top of it. Put your loose-leaf tea in the basket, secure the lid, drop it in the thermos, and pour water over the top. Put the lid on, let it steep for your preferred amount of time, pull the basket out, and you’re good to go. If you’re drinking bagged tea, you can skip the brewing basket and just drop your tea bag in (no tea snobbery here, I drink both).

Tea Spot claims the double-walled design will keep your tea hot for six hours. That’s not as impressive as the HydroFlask above, but honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever had a 16-ounce cup of tea last me more than an hour. The only thing you can’t do with the Mountain Tea tumbler is put it in the microwave, but with six hours of hot tea, you probably wouldn’t need to anyway. If you want a slightly larger brewer, there’s also the Everest Tea Tumbler ($33), which doesn’t have the sipping lid but is larger at 22 ounces. 

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