Baidu Announces “AI Partner” and “AI BOT”

Baidu Announces “AI Partner” and “AI BOT”
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On May 25, at the 2023 Baidu Mobile Ecosystem Conference, Baidu unveiled beta features such as “AI Partner” and “AI BOT”, and showcased its beta product NEW APP. As the 618 Shopping Festival approaches, Baidu concurrently launched its new smart e-commerce brand “Baidu Preferred”, releasing a series of innovative technologies and intelligent merchant operation schemes including an AI shopping guide assistant, an e-commerce AI anchor production platform, and a merchant operation capability model.

He Junjie, Senior Vice President of Baidu Group and General Manager of the Mobile Ecosystem Business Group (MEG), stated that large language models like Wenxin Yiyi and ChatGPT are aimed at making AI “bigger”. This restructuring of the mobile ecosystem is dedicated to making AI “smaller”, more specific, and accessible to everyone.

The beta product NEW APP focuses on exclusive “models”, with 450,000 users using the AIGC creation tool.

Xiao Yang, Vice President of Baidu Group and Head of the Search Platform, proposed a dual capability based on “semantic search technology + large language model” and revealed that features like “AI Partner” and “AI BOT” are currently in beta.

According to reports, the “AI Partner” can achieve intelligent conversation and multi-round interaction, reducing user input expression thresholds and costs. In terms of breaking through information boundaries, AI BOT allows creators, merchants, institutions, brands, and other content and service providers to create virtual AI avatars.In the past year, Baidu APP’s monthly active users reached 657 million.

Li Xiaowan, General Manager of Baidu Information Distribution Platform, said that Baidu APP will launch the intelligent homepage mode “One Person, One World” this year. Users can choose the default homepage, large picture homepage, video homepage, novel homepage, etc., according to their preferences and habits, to meet more diverse personalized needs.

At the same time, she also showcased the beta product NEW APP for the first time. The core usage scenario of the product is dialogue – asking questions, chatting, sending commands, etc. Users can designate different “personas” as personal assistants to understand users’ preferences and needs, have dialogues at any time, and provide effective suggestions and handle affairs of all sizes. In addition, Baidu‘s input method has also set up an AI “high EQ communication assistant” to give high EQ chat suggestions based on different social scenarios.

At the 2022 Conference, Baidu launched the “Creator AI Assistant Group”. To date, 450,000 creators have used it, producing more than 7 million pieces of content, with a total distribution volume exceeding 20 billion.

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At this year’s conference, Song Jian, Deputy General Manager of the Content Ecosystem Platform of Baidu Mobile Ecosystem Business Group, introduced the newly upgraded Baidu Content Ecosystem AIGC creation tool. AI Notes, AI Film, AI Drawing, AI BOT and other features will be open to creators for beta testing.

Plans to Support 100,000 Creators with Over 30 Billion Yuan in Revenue, and Launch the E-commerce Brand “Baidu Preferred”

He Junjie believes that the new traffic entrances, new interaction methods, and new productivity brought about by the AI revolution will bring new monetization channels to creators and ecosystem partners.

According to reports, so far, more than 6 million creators have created and shared on Baidu, and the scale of creators’ diverse income has increased by 397% year-on-year.

At this conference, Baidu Home was upgraded to “Baidu AI Creation andOperation Platform” to help creators break through in multiple dimensions such as AI efficiency improvement, content distribution, diverse monetization, and influence building. At the same time, Baidu launched the “AI Co-creation Plan”, planning to support 100,000 creators with a revenue exceeding 30 billion yuan.

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“In the future, whoever has the best way to communicate with customers will own these customers,” He Junjie pointed out. Some institutions predict that by 2022, 2% of large organizations’ marketing information will be generated by AI, and this figure will rise to 30% by 2025. It is reported that since 2014, Baidu has been experimenting with “AIGC text creativity”. To date, the time spent on a single creative idea has been reduced from 30 minutes to 4 minutes, and AI-assisted text creativity produces 1.4 billion pieces per day. Nearly 70% of companies use this feature, and nearly one third of creative displays involve AIGC.

Ping Xiaoli, Vice President of Baidu and General Manager of Baidu E-commerce, stated that the development of artificial intelligence will inevitably bring new possibilities to both the supply and demand ends of the e-commerce industry. She announced that Baidu concurrently launched the new smart e-commerce brand “Baidu Preferred”, releasing a series of innovative technologies and smart merchant operation schemes including an AI shopping guide assistant, an e-commerce AI anchor production platform, a merchant operation capability model, a merchant growth system, and an intelligent operation platform.

Ping Xiaoli also announced Baidu‘s Super E-commerce Ecosystem Plan, which will help 1000 products with GMV of tens of millions, 100 merchants with annual sales of over 100 million, and 15 service partners with GMV over 100 million, to achieve greater business opportunities with Baidu E-commerce.

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