Apple Vision Pro May Have Multiple User Profiles For Sharing: Deep-Dive Into visionOS Reveals Guest-Mode

Apple Vision Pro May Have Multiple User Profiles For Sharing: Deep-Dive Into visionOS Reveals Guest-Mode
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Apple Vision Pro is a premium accessory, costing $3,499. However, Apple is confident potential buyers would seriously consider buying it if they get to use the headset. Hence, the company is taking necessary steps to ensure user data and privacy is safeguarded even when the Vision Pro is being passed around.

The Vision Pro also includes a new user authentication technology called “Optic ID”. The latest authentication process looks for the irises of the users wearing the device to grant access. Let’s see how Apple has used two methods to ensure secure access to owners and still allow other users to sample the headset.

Apple Vision Pro May Have Multiple User Profiles For Sharing

Apple Vision Pro Has “Optic ID” And “Guest Mode”

Apple launched its first-ever Mixed Reality headset, the Vision Pro, at its annual developer conference, WWDC23. Apple Vision Pro runs on the newly developed visionOS software.

Apple has released the first SDK for the latest operating system as well as a visionOS simulator which enables users to take a closer look at some of the other details of the platform.

#visionOS Guest User Mode!!!

— James Dombro (@james_dombro) June 21, 2023

The visionOS and the Vision Pro have a new form of authentication technique, which verifies user identity by their irises. This technique is way more accurate, reliable, and foolproof than Face ID.

The Optic ID will not allow anyone other than the registered owner of the Vision Pro to use the device and explore its capabilities. To enable other people to try on the Vision Pro, which would help in promotions and sales, visionOS has a “Guest Mode”.

Guest Mode To Allow Additional Accounts/Profiles Like Netflix?

Netflix allows multiple profiles in a single account. Each profile can have a customized content watchlist, preferences, and so on. The Apple Vision Pro headset may have similar functionality.

Vision Pro users will be able to lock sensitive data like hidden and deleted photos using their Optic ID. Apple’s latest authentication system for Vision Pro is just like the iPhone’s Touch ID and Face ID. Optic ID will require multiple scans for users with prescription lenses, just like Face ID.

The Guest Mode will reportedly enable other users to use and interact with an Apple Vision Pro headset that is registered. The option to enable the Guest Mode will be available only to the user who owns the device.

Interestingly, The Guest Mode feature goes beyond brief interaction or sampling. It will allow users to create a password for other users as well.

This should help them access certain apps and settings without Optic ID on the Vision Pro. With Guest Mode, other users will be able to try out the device and access things like the web and watch videos without accessing the owners’ data. It is unclear if the feature will allow the creation of new profiles with access to the app store.

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