Apple Put the First Episode of Silo Free on… Twitter

Apple Put the First Episode of Silo Free on… Twitter
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Juliette faces off against Bernard Holland, the head of the IT department.

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Twitter: it’s a bad place. But even among all the awfulness you can find little gems of goodness and light—gems like the first episode of Silo, which Apple TV+ has released there for free.

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It seems like an odd place for the streamer to place it, given that 1) most people use Twitter on their phone, 2) YouTube would be a much easier place for many more potential viewers to check out Silo, and 3) Twitter—and I can’t stress this enough—is a bad place where Apple TV+’s tweet could easily be placed next to neo-Nazi propaganda thanks to owner Elon Musk’s self-destructive shenanigans.

It’s also odd, given that Twitter’s become a haven for illegally pirated movies like the Super Mario Bros. Movie and The Flash, both of which made their way to the social media app/site/disaster and were watched millions of times. Will an official release garner the same kind of attention? Probably not, because Silo isn’t currently a major motion picture, plus viewers would still need to sign up for Apple TV+ to watch the rest of the 10-episode series. But hopefully, it’ll entice some people to check out the mysterious, titular silo and meet the small remnant of humanity that lives there, for reasons long since forgotten… perhaps intentionally forgotten.

For those of you who have Apple TV+, Silo’s season one finale will become available this Friday, June 30.

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