Apple Far Out Event live — gearing up for the (likely) iPhone 14 and Watch 8 launch

Apple Far Out Event live — gearing up for the (likely) iPhone 14 and Watch 8 launch
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Apple Far Out event scheduled for Sept. 714

(Image credit: Future / Apple)

It barely feels like we’ve come off WWDC when straight away, it’s time for the (highly likely) iPhone 14 launch at the Apple ‘Far Out’ Event happening at 10AM PT / 1PM ET / 6PM GMT on September 7, live from the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino.

And the rumors regarding the iPhone 14 have been coming thick and fast – the 14 is hugely likely to be joined by the iPhone 14 Plus, the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

And ho, no! The fun doesn’t stop there when it comes to the leaky rumor mill: there will also apparently be an Apple Watch 8 to replace the Series 7, a Watch SE 2 to take the place of the years-old Watch SE… and an Apple Watch Pro to stick it to Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and the premium Garmin smartwatches.

Think that’s enough? Well, the flood of reported products coming hasn’t finished: how about a dessert of the new AirPods Pro 2?

Hopefully that’s all that Apple launches – we’re going to be live and feverishly tapping away in Apple’s dedicated show space in just a few hours, so stick with us as we live blog all the build up and everything that happens during it.

If you’d rather actually watch the event, head on over to our dedicated Apple Event page where we’ll have the feed embedded for your viewing pleasure.

(And remember – if you want to get in contact you can get me on @superbeav over on Twitter… I’ll be posting all the very best Tweets from the Twitter Swamps here too).


A gold CAD render of the Apple Watch Pro, slightly at an angle

(Image credit: 91 Mobiles)

Shall we move onto the Apple Watch Pro, the device I’m personally most interested to see? Set to come in either 47mm or 49mm sizes (which would make it rather large on the wrist, but would allow for a 1.99-inch screen) you can see in the renders from 91 Mobiles (opens in new tab) (and there are more through the link that it’s got an extra bump on the side too.

And, for the eagle-eyed of you who clicked through, there’s another button on the other side too. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, as these are renders based on ‘industry sources’ so it could be nothing more than whispers.

But the larger device with the easier-to-press buttons does dovetail with the running watches that I’m constantly testing – you can’t gave flush keys when you’re trying to stop the clock the second you think you might have got a 5K PB.

two iPhone 14 Pro models showing how the new pill shape would work with software

(Image credit: MacRumors / Anonymous)

Let’s start with one of my favorite leaks: the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, and the fact they won’t be coming with the notch, but instead two cut outs, one in the shape of a small pill and the other in the shape of a punch hole for the camera.

I was a bit dismayed at the asymmetry of this when I first saw renders, but recent ‘insider developer information’ from the MacRumors forums has pointed us to this above image from Anonymous A.S., who claims that software will join the two holes together, and the space used will be able to show notifications lights to let you know when the mic is in use, for instance.

two iPhone 14 Pro models with the original battery percentage

(Image credit: MacRumors / Anonymous A.S.)

The same leaker also suggested that this smaller cutout would see a return of the ‘original’ battery percentage… we can but dream, eh? Rather than just guessing how much is left based on a small picture.

It’s worth pointing out these are very much renders based on a description, but they’re some of the better ones we’ve seen.

iphone in hand

This was taken by my fair hand at the iPhone 7 launch, approximately 1,000 years ago or so (Image credit: Future)

Well, we might be starting early with this live blog, but there’s a sense that this is going to be one of the bigger Apple launches – both in terms of fanfare and the amount of things we’re going to be seeing.

I’m going to be with you the whole way – we’ve been live-blogging the top rumors that have emerged this week, so if you bookmark this page you’ll get all manner of insight, analysis and the latest leaks as the event draws near.

We’ll start off with some topline information on each of the new products that we’re expected, build up with all the latest leaks as they occur (and, we know, they will… although we doubt Apple will accidentally Tweet out the phone as it did with the iPhone 7) and obviously… let you know when Tim Cook wakes up.

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