Android 14 DP2: Pixel phones set to gain ‘Emoji Lab’ wallpaper creator [Gallery]

Android 14 DP2: Pixel phones set to gain ‘Emoji Lab’ wallpaper creator [Gallery]
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Google is preparing a delightful new “Emoji Lab” wallpaper creator for Pixel phones, allowing you to craft your own wacky looking backgrounds.

Since the release of Android 12 and its accompanying Material You redesign, there has been a greater emphasis on the Android home screen. In particular, your device’s wallpaper is used as the basis of your Material You dynamic color scheme, for a more cohesive experience.

Beyond simply offering a collection of built-in wallpapers, it looks like Google is preparing a way to create brand new designs that can be uniquely yours. This is made possible through a new tool called Emoji Lab that the folks at XDA-Developers enabled within the latest Android 14 preview.

Making a wallpaper with the Emoji Lab is a simple, three-step process. First, you choose a few different emoji (up to 14) to form the foundation. Next, you can choose the pattern in which the emojis are laid out, with options like “Mosaic,” “Lotus,” and “Stacks.” Finally, you’ll pick from an assortment of two-tone color palettes.

Pixel wallpaper picker on Android 14 with new
Pixel Emoji Lab with selector for emojis
Pixel Emoji Lab with pattern selector
Emoji Lab color selection options
Images: XDA-Developers

Depending on your choices, the results can vary from simple and elegant to cluttered and unhinged. Whichever the case, the final emoji lab wallpaper is undoubtedly your own creation. That is, of course, unless you decide to use the handy “Randomize” button to get some inspiration.

For now though, there’s no telling when Google intends for this new Emoji Lab to launch. On the one hand, it could coincide with the launch of Android 14, but it’s also possible (albeit a slim chance) that Emoji Lab wallpapers could arrive to Pixel phones even earlier or not launch at all.

What do you think of these new Emoji Lab wallpapers for Pixel phones? What sorts of creations are you eager to cook up? Let us know in the comments.

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