And Facebook is facing issues again ! Goes down second time within 96 hours

Written by Deepak

Facebook  is really facing some serious issues ! Its not even a week and its down again (around 00:4 p.m. IST). And as obvious, all of its services as affected. Facebook for mobile, Facebook for web and few other major applications are not available. And if you came this article on Facebook, then its obvious, that the issue has been resolved.


Few months ago, this same issue occurred, and it took down services like Instagram, Tinder. At this moment, Instagram seems to be working perfectly fine.

We’ll update you as soon as we more about this issue.

Update: This article was in writing when facebook was down. But it seems like Facebook is still facing some issues.

PS: this might have created an hurdle for people, who were still left to change their profile pictures for #DigitalIndia campaign (just kidding).

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