AMD releases limited run Ryzen 5600X3D CPU in the US

AMD releases limited run Ryzen 5600X3D CPU in the US
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AMD and Micro Center have announced a limited run launch of the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X3D CPU. This is a variant of the Ryzen 5 5600X but with the 3D V-Cache technology.

The 5600X3D, much like the 5600X itself, is technically a chip that wasn’t good enough to be a 5800X3D. This means instead of eight functional CPU cores, it has six. It still, however, has the full 96MB of L3 cache, which made the 5800X3D such a fantastic CPU for gaming.

AMD releases limited run Ryzen 5600X3D CPU in the US

The 5600X3D has a 3.3GHz base clock frequency and 4.4GHz boost clock frequency, a reduction of 400MHz and 200MHz respectively over the standard 5600X. The L2 cache remains at 3MB but the L3 cache goes from 32MB to 96MB with the use of stacked 3D V-Cache on top of the CPU die. The TDP (which isn’t the actual power consumed) has gone from 65W to 105W. As with the 5800X3D, the 5600X3D cannot be overclocked.

Now here’s the tricky part. Since these are essentially defective 5800X3D parts, there aren’t a lot of them. As such, AMD will only be doing a limited run of these and for that they have chosen American retailer Micro Center as their sole sales partner. This means that the 5600X3D will only be available in the US, and only at Micro Center outlets, of which there are presently 25.

This means if you are reading this anywhere outside of the US or even far enough away from a local Micro Center within the US, the 5600X3D is essentially not available for you. AMD will also be selling these for a limited time and Micro Center expects these to only be available for 3-6 months before going permanently out of stock.

As a reminder, the 5600X3D, like all other 5000 series processors, is based on AMD’s old AM4 platform, which has already been superseded by AM5. As such, it’s expected for these parts to not be available for a long time and the only reason the 5600X3D even exists is that the alternative would have been to let it go to waste.

The 5600X3D will be available starting July 7 for $230.


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