Algorand Price Growth Slows as New Green Cryptocurrency Takes Market by Storm Hitting $500,000 Milestone!

Algorand Price Growth Slows as New Green Cryptocurrency Takes Market by Storm Hitting $500,000 Milestone!
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The importance of sustainability is growing in the world, and its importance overflows to the crypto market as well. Algorand is a direct competitor of Ethereum because it is an open-source blockchain platform. However, its importance also lies in the fact that it is carbon-negative and it has a very proactive approach regarding carbon offset. Now, a new cryptocurrency aims to fight climate change and reduce pollution – Ecoterra (ECOTERRA). As the presale of ECOTERRA tokens hits the $500k milestone, the Algorand growth slows down, which is why we will cover both of these cryptos in this article!

Algorand (ALGO)

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Why is the importance of Ecoterra enormous?

Ecoterra is a crypto project that was introduced recently, and it focuses on recycling as a way of reducing pollution. Ecoterra includes:

  • A market to offset carbon emissions.
  • A market that buys recycled materials.
  • A profile that tracks the impact of the users.
  • An app for tracking all the data.

This comprehensive framework encourages collaboration and serves as a central hub for the activities of the users. The Ecoterra project uses the dominance of the Ethereum blockchain to make the Recycle2Earn program available to the public in a transparent and secure manner. The ECOTERRA token, which serves a variety of functions, is the heart of the project. 

Ecoterra’s whitepaper states that climate change experts are increasingly concerned that the planet may exceed the threshold for global warming within the next 20 years, which could have catastrophic consequences. Ecoterra recognizes the seriousness of the situation and has developed several solutions, which is one of the main reasons for its popularity.

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Ecoterra rewards recycling

Most people are very well aware of the importance of recycling, but their efforts are not as nearly as frequent as they should be. Ecoterra is a project that aims to change that. After many projects that incorporate move2earn and play2earn, there is now the recycle2earn concept. Its goal is to show people that recycling is not hard by educating them through its green education initiative. 

The research shows that one-third of people asked about recycling stated they don’t have enough space for all the bins, the second third named inconvenient access as the second biggest problem, while the third group said they don’t have the time to separate the waste for recycling. This is exactly what Ecoterra plans to focus on by giving people incentives for recycling that will help them overcome these issues through recycle2earn mechanics. 

How does Ecoterra work?

Investors who want to be rewarded for their efforts can do it easily by installing Ecoterra app on their smartphones and purchasing ECOTERRA tokens. The app will store all the necessary information about the users’ activity and the map that shows the positions of RVMs (reverse vending machines), making finding one easy. 

With Ecorerra, instead of throwing a water bottle away, you can recycle it instead, scan the receipt you will get, and you will see your effort instantly recorded in the app. The reward for recycling will come in the form of ECOTERRA tokens that can be exchanged for fiat currency or used for staking or donating to the green projects that the user chooses.

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What is going on with Algorand?

Algorand (ALGO) appeared on the market in 2019, and its focus is on speed and scalability. It is currently ranked 38th on the crypto market. Algorand blockchain-based network is popular because of its potential to support various apps and also the number of transactions per day that goes around one million. It uses the PPoS (pure proof of stake) protocol. 

In order to put it into perspective, it is necessary to compare it to PoW (proof of work), where the users must resolve puzzles in order to add the next block to the existing chain. This is the more expensive version that uses a lot of energy and is the one that Bitcoin uses. On the other hand, PoS (proof of stake) relies on crypto staking, which does not need computational power for solving puzzles which means that it is a greener and safer option.

Despite the importance of Algorand, looking at the price of ALGO for the last three months, it is clear that it had a few dips. What is more noticeable is that its growth slows down, which is why investing in Ecoterra now can be a better option.  

Ecoterra is hitting one milestone after another

Ecoterra’s native cryptocurrency, ECOTERRA, is currently available on presale, which is planned to evolve throughout nine stages. The token’s price will rise steadily. Market experts believe that the ECOTERRA token’s value will rise in the future, considering the enormous popularity of this project from the very beginning. Buying ECOTERRA tokens is easy, and the investors will need USDT, ETH, or a card. 

Anyone can participate as there is no minimum investment or maximum. Ecoterra’s presale offers an opportunity to invest in the very early stages of a project and watch your investment grow. The total number of ECOTERRA tokens that will be available is two billion. Half of the tokens will be made available during the presale, 20% will go to ecosystem liquidity, 10% for listing, and 20% for marketing, team, and corporate adoption. 

This presale is moving at an extremely rapid pace, and it has already hit a $350k milestone, which means that the presale could move a lot quicker than planned. Investing early is the best move now, as you could get the most tokens at this point. Get your ECOTERRA tokens now to recycle, help the environment, and profit from your efforts!

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The number of eco-friendly projects will keep rising because it is high time to take concrete steps toward reducing pollution. Even though ALGO holds its position on the market, investors choose to invest in cryptos on presale because of their potential to grow. Investing in ECOTERRA has a real utility that you can profit from, which is why getting them now would be a wise choice!

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