AI Company Mobvoi to Go Public in Hong Kong as Early as Q2

AI Company Mobvoi to Go Public in Hong Kong as Early as Q2
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Mobvoi, an artificial intelligence company founded by Li Zhifei, a former Google scientist and senior natural language scientist, will submit its prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in the second quarter, IPO Zaozhidao reported on April 24th. Li is a highly regarded AI scientist during today’s large model boom in China.

Mobvoi, established in 2012, is not solely focused on generative AI. As an AI company specializing in advanced voice interaction and hardware-software integration, it offers a range of AI products and services to consumers across more than 150 countries worldwide.

Li has disclosed that Mobvoi’s business model iteration was dependent on three key time points. These include the commencement of smart hardware development in 2015, revenue expansion through SaaS services around 2019, and investment in generative AI with an attempt at commercialization in 2020.

Mobvoi has launched various products for its consumer-facing business, including the Mobvoi mobile app, TicWatch smartwatches, TicPods true wireless earphones, TicMirror smart rearview mirror, and TicKasa smart speakers. Furthermore, Mobvoi provides enterprises with a range of services such as IoT, finance, telecommunications, senior care, food and beverage as well as automotive solutions to enhance their customer experience.

Mobvoi launched its AI large model, Xulie Houzi (loosely translated as “Sequencing Monkey”), on April 20th. The startup also unveiled four creation assistant products that utilize artificial intelligence technology to aid in writing, drawing, dubbing, avatar-led videos and livestreaming.

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Mobvoi has surpassed 5 million registered users, including over one million paying users globally. Additionally, Mobvoi has developed various technologies independently, such as voice signal processing, speech recognition, natural language understanding, conversation management, vertical search capabilities, intelligent recommendation systems, speech synthesis and knowledge graphs.

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