30 Best Early Amazon Prime Day Deals 2023: Pixel Phones, Amazon Devices, and Robot Vacuums

30 Best Early Amazon Prime Day Deals 2023: Pixel Phones, Amazon Devices, and Robot Vacuums
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since 2015, Amazon has held at least one Prime Day per year. It’s the annual sales event where the retailer slashes prices on thousands of products across its online storefront (and triggers similar sales on other retailers too). Prime Day, over time, has become two full days of shopping instead of one, and in 2022 there were two Prime Day events, one in the summer and one in the fall (because money). This year’s Prime Day event falls on July 11 and 12, starting at 3 am Eastern time. 

You need to be a Prime subscriber to take advantage of the discounts (here’s a free 30-day trial; set a reminder to cancel it before it automatically renews), but there are plenty of deals for anyone who isn’t a member. WIRED will be scouring the platform to bring you the best deals throughout the event, but there’s good news: Price drops have already started. We rounded up the best early Prime Day deals we’ve found right here—on Amazon and other retailers—and we’ll keep this story updated. Our Prime Day Shopping Guide is full of tips to help you navigate the event like a pro.

Updated July 8, 2023: We’ve added new deals and crossed out expired ones.

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Tech Deals

Google Pixel 7A

Photograph: Google

The brand-new Pixel 7A is our favorite Android phone for most people (8/10, WIRED Recommends). Now, for the same price, this bundle also gets you the Pixel Buds A-Series, our favorite wireless earbuds. The phone is powerful, and it has wireless charging and a nice bright screen—oh, and some of the best cameras you’ll find for the money. It’ll be supported for years to come, so you won’t have to upgrade anytime soon. 

Enter code TOTALPRIME at checkout to see the discount. It applies to every option Totallee sells on Amazon. We like these thin cases. They’re mentioned in our Best iPhone 14 Accessories guide. They aren’t going to protect your phone from most drops, but they do keep away scratches and scuffs and the usual wear and tear. The thin cases are sleek enough that they don’t interfere with MagSafe or wireless charging. They’re perfect for anyone who hates using a case but wants some protection. 

Casetify’s sale features new products being added every day from now through Prime Day, though the discounts are only for Prime subscribers. Select phone cases for different devices will be on sale at up to 35 percent off. We recommend several Casetify products in our Best iPhone 14 Cases guide, and they make excellent if pricey cases for Pixel and Samsung phones too. They’re protective but are also immensely stylish.  

Anker MagGo 637

Photograph: Anker

Clip the on-page coupon to see the discount at checkout. We love Anker’s MagSafe wireless chargers. This one doubles as a power strip for your desktop or living room. It features three AC outlets on the back, two USB-A ports, and two USB-C ports, one of which is capable of outputting 65 watts of power (enough to recharge a MacBook). WIRED reviews editor Julian Chokkattu has been using it for the past year with no issues. 

This is one of the lowest prices we’ve tracked on this solid-state drive. You can pop it into your PC if you have an M.2 drive, or into a PlayStation 5 to expand your storage. Other sizes are on sale, and so is the version without the heat sink. This one packs plenty of storage space and is super fast—we recommend it in our How to Build a PC guide. WIRED reviews editor Julian Chokkattu just added this to his PC and it has been working flawlessly. 

Moft’s Smart Desk Mat is a folding desk mat that can balance your laptop or tablet, and you can snap your phone onto the wireless charger as you work. There are three bundles of the Desk Mat, which each have different accessories—the Smart Paper Kit, the Digital Kit, and the Full Kit, all of which are on sale for 10 percent off using coupon code Summer10.

Kindle Paperwhite Kids Edition

Photograph: Amazon

This is our favorite Kindle for kids. It’s waterproof and has a warm backlight that can make reading in the dark easier. It also includes a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, which is an age-appropriate content library that has built-in parental controls. You’ll also get a protective case and a two-year no-questions-asked replacement guarantee. If your kid runs over their e-reader with a dirtbike or throws it out the window, Amazon will send you a new one. 

We think the Fire HD 10 is a better device overall, but when it comes to value, the Fire HD 8 (6/10, WIRED Review) is hard to beat—especially with this deal, which is a match of the best we’ve tracked. The Fire HD 8 tablet has similar bells and whistles to the Fire HD 10, but the smaller display isn’t as nice. It remains a good option for kids or anyone who wants a screen larger than a phone to watch movies on the go. Read more in our Best Amazon Fire Tablets guide. 

The Amazon Echo Buds (8/10, WIRED Recommends) are made for Alexa fans. These earbuds have good sound and a great app, but the real standout is how easy it is to use Alexa while wearing them. You can have Alexa integrated so it’s easy to ask for the weather, set a timer, and check your calendar.

Make sure you click “See All Buying Options” to see the deal. Our favorite portable charger for tablets can fully recharge an 11-inch tablet twice, while still being slim enough to fit into the padded sleeve of most backpacks. (It can also charge a laptop in a pinch, though it won’t work for something powerful like a MacBook Pro.) It has USB-C and USB-A ports and an LED display that shows you the percentage of power remaining in the bank.

The Apple Watch Series 8 (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is our favorite Apple Watch. (The 41-mm version is also on sale for $329.) Most people will be fine with the new second-generation Watch SE, but this model includes an electrocardiogram, an always-on display, a skin temperature sensor for better period tracking, a more accurate heart-rate monitor, and the ability to measure blood oxygen levels. Check our Best Apple Watch Accessories guide to make the most of your smartwatch. 

Our favorite Fire tablet, the Fire HD 10 (7/10, WIRED Recommends) is the fastest and biggest tablet in Amazon’s lineup. There are better tablets out there for more money, but it’s decently powerful and is great for watching shows and movies or reading books through Amazon Prime and other Amazon memberships. It’s the best you’ll find under $200, and right now you can get it for under $100. We certainly like it a whole lot more than the new Fire 11 Max.

Household, Smart Home, and Entertainment Deals

Roborock Q5+

Photograph: Roborock

The Roborock Q5+ (9/10, WIRED Recommends) is our favorite robot vacuum for several reasons. It’s simple to use, the app is easy to navigate, and the vacuum itself is incredibly reliable. It can also map multiple room types and designate different floor types for those rooms. The biggest downside is the price, which is more reasonable now.

Enter code SUMMER at checkout to see the discount. Branch makes some of our favorite home office gear, including our top office chair recommendation. It has plenty of adjustable features, so you can contour it to your body, and it happens to look really nice. With the same code, you can also get our second favorite, the Branch Verve chair for $494 ($55 off), or the Branch Standing Desk for $629 ($70 off).

Just want a single cup of coffee? The Braun MultiServe Coffee Machine (8/10, WIRED Recommends) can brew up a full pot or a single cup, combining the advantages of a regular coffee machine and a Keurig. Bonus: It has a rare certification from the Specialty Coffee Association.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max

Photograph: Best Buy

This deal matches the price we saw during Cyber Monday last year. It’s also the best price we’ve seen. The Fire TV Stick 4K Max is our top streaming stick recommendation for folks that want to use Amazon’s software when streaming. Amazon-owned content is featured more heavily than you’d find with a Roku or other streaming stick, but if you don’t mind that, this deal is worth checking out. You can also get the Fire TV Stick 4K for $23, but we recommend spending the extra two bucks to get the 4K Max. 

The Echo Studio is featured in our Best Smart Speakers guide as the best-sounding model with Alexa baked in. We just wish the shape wasn’t so … awkward. If you want a speaker that can fill a room with bass-heavy sound and tell you the current temperature of a city halfway across the globe, the Echo Studio is a solid pick. 

This deal price is $5 higher than the lowest we have tracked. The fourth-generation Amazon Echo (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is the best Alexa speaker overall. The round design is pleasing and fills a space with 360 degrees of sound. In our Best Smart Speakers guide, we commend this model for its compact footprint and ease of use. 

Amazon Echo Pop

Photograph: Amazon

The Amazon Echo Pop (7/10, WIRED Review) is a brand-new smart speaker that’s super stylish, with a wide array of color options to choose from. The only catch is that the sound is front-facing. If you’re used to the robust-ish surround-ish soundscapes of the hockey puck-shaped Amazon Echo Dot, the Pop may not be your favorite. But at $18, now is an easy time to check it out. 

The newest Echo Dot With Clock is our favorite Alexa speaker for the bedroom. The built-in digital clock combined with the power of Alexa makes this speaker a fantastic nightstand companion. Set alarms, check the weather, and listen to white noise with the help of a compact little sphere. You can get the model without a clock for a few bucks less if you would rather holler at Alexa to check the time instead. 

This deal price matches one of the best we’ve tracked. We recommend this plug in our Best Smart Plugs guide. It’s especially great for people who prefer Alexa to other smart-home assistants. You can control the plug with Alexa or with the Alexa app, no need to download another app if you already have Alexa devices in your home. The smart plug supports routines, vacation mode, and more. I use it to turn off my box fan in the morning so I don’t fall back asleep after hitting snooze for the seventh time. 

Amazon Echo Show 8. 

Photograph: Amazon

This is our favorite Alexa smart display. The size is just right—not too big and not too small. The screen is sharp, and the functionality is as convenient as you would expect. It can display the weather, timer countdowns, workout videos, and more. We especially like the physical camera shutter. The speaker is pretty good too. 

If the Echo Show 8 is the perfect size, and the Echo Show 10 is a little too big, then the Echo Show 5 is a little too small. It will do just fine on a nightstand or desk, but the screen is simply too tiny to be useful for tasks like checking out a recipe or watching the news. Read more about it in our Best Smart Displays guide. 

This received an honorable mention in our Best Smart Displays guide. The display itself swivels on top of a cylindrical speaker, which means it can keep you in frame if you use it for a video call, or show you recipe videos as you move around the kitchen. That convenient feature can also be a bother—when it comes to placement, you’ll need to consider your options carefully, lest the screen bump into a wall or nearby object. 

This deal price is over $10 lower than what we saw during the most recent Prime Day sale. The Blink Mini received an honorable mention in our Best Security Cameras guide. It offers decent video, two-way audio, and motion detection. Alexa is also built in. One caveat is that some features, like unlimited video recording and extended live view, are locked behind a subscription that starts at $3 per month. 

Tears of the Kingdom

Courtesy of Nintendo

The price drop will only show up after you add the product to your cart. This is the first and best discount we’ve seen for the newest installation in the Legend of Zelda series. Play as Link and search for Princess Zelda to uncover the mysteries of the kingdom in the sky. It’s very similar to Breath of the Wild but offers many quality-of-life improvements. Read our full review here

This air purifier and fan combo will look great in any room. It adds some coolness to the air it purifies, and it will cycle the air in a 326-square-foot room five times an hour. It can’t cool off an already toasty room, but it will feel nice if you’re sitting right in front of it, and it is fairly quiet. Read our Best Air Purifiers guide for more recommendations.

We haven’t tried these oven mitts, but we’ve had great experiences with KitchenAid products, and $7 is $7. These are the mini kind, which means they only really cover your fingers. They’re good for pulling small pans off the stove, but not for carrying a hot skillet when you’re grilling out. The silicone grip will help you keep a tight hold on whatever you’ve got.  

This is our favorite mesh Wi-Fi option for folks with larger homes. It’s a three-pack and offers three gigabit Ethernet ports on the main router and two on the nodes. Setup can be tricky, but once you’re up and running, the speeds, coverage, and stability are excellent. Read more in our Best Mesh Wi-Fi Systems guide.

The Eero Pro 6E (7/10, WIRED Recommends) Wi-Fi system is easy to set up and use and has reliable, speedy performance. If you’re already an Eero user, it’s compatible with other Eero devices, and it can also be a smart-home hub, thanks to included Zigbee and Thread support. The one-pack, two-pack, and three-pack options are all on sale for Prime subscribers. 

Personal Care Deals

Shark HyperAir Blow Dryer Sleek Bundle.

Photograph: Shark

We’ve seen this drop down to $150 before, but this is still a good discount on one of our favorite hair dryers. You can also save on the green color. This bundle includes a concentrating nozzle and a round brush, so it’s great for blowout styles. Shark also sells a curly bundle, which is on sale at Walmart for $160 ($70 off). You’ll get a diffuser for curly styles and a concentrating nozzle for straighter styles. 

The Dyson Corrale (8/10, WIRED Recommends) delivers fantastic, silky results on even super curly hair, but that performance comes at a price. This is why seeing it on sale right now is extra exciting.

This cheap electric toothbrush is even cheaper right now. The Philips One is slim enough to feel like a regular toothbrush and has gentle vibrations if you aren’t looking for something powerful. It comes with a small case for traveling. Select colors are on sale. 

Parenting Deals

Photograph: Ergobaby

It’s easy to see why the Ergobaby Omni 360 is such a popular baby carrier. It can adjust to carry kiddos as little as a newborn and up to 45 pounds, and it can be worn in a variety of positions. It’s lightweight and comfortable, and though it’s not as sleek as some carriers, it provides plenty of support without feeling overly bulky. As a bonus, it comes with a little detachable storage pouch so you aren’t left balancing the baby, the carrier, and a bag.

Most wearable breast pumps are pretty pricey. The Imani i2 (7/10, WIRED Recommends) is one of the cheapest to get the job done—and it has the FDA approval you want in a breast pump. It’s ultra-minimalist, though, with no screen and just a few buttons on the top of the pump, so you’ll need to track pumping time and the mode you’re using. And the parts aren’t dishwasher safe. But otherwise, it’s a great pump that will deliver what you need most.

Amazon will automatically discount your order during checkout when you spend at least $50 on select items. There’s a massive selection in this sale, with items ranging from pet food and school supplies to pantry staples and household essentials. Need to restock on dish soap, granola bars, doggy bags, or vitamins? It’s worth checking this deal out. 

Enter coupon code PRIME10 to save 10 percent on orders over $12 (up to $10 off). All Amazon Prime members are eligible for a free one-year Grubhub+ membership. You can get free delivery on orders over $12. This promo ends on July 10. 

Select Amazon Prime members who upload a photo for the first time are eligible for a free $15 Amazon credit when they spend $30 or more. Not all customers qualify; this page can help you figure out whether you’re able to get in on the deal. We don’t hate Amazon Photos, and we certainly don’t hate “free” money. 

If you’re eligible for this deal, you’ll need to click the big yellow button that says “Activate this offer to your account.” Then, choose and purchase an eGift card worth at least $50. You’ll get a $5 credit to your email on the same day as your gift card purchase. Amazon eGift cards can be sent to yourself via email, so if you’re going to be spending $50 at Amazon any time soon, this is an easy way to snag an extra five bucks. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to use the $5 credit before August 25 or it’ll expire. 

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