25 Cute and Creative Easter Basket Ideas That Aren’t Junk

25 Cute and Creative Easter Basket Ideas That Aren’t Junk
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It’s that time of year again. Store aisles are overflowing with bags of jelly beans and robin eggs, plastic toys and other Easter-themed items. One of my biggest pet peeves is an Easter basket full of ultracheap chocolate and junky novelties that no one really wants or needs. Easter baskets are a fun tradition, but it’s also easy to get carried away and spend your money on a bunch of useless trinkets that wind up in the trash. 

If you’re looking for unique Easter basket ideas that aren’t just random junk, I’ve rounded up some tried-and-true favorites. Whether your kiddo is into building, crafting or science or is an aspiring chef, these are some unique gift ideas to add to your family’s Easter baskets.

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Lego is awesome, no matter your age. Lego Creator 3-in-1 sets make particularly great gifts since they’re ultraversatile and can be used again and again. This three-in-one bunny is perfect for Easter. Once kids (or adults!) are done building the white rabbit, they can try their hand at the cockatoo or the baby seal.

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If you’ve got a budding chef in your home, this nifty tool makes it easy and fun to decorate cakes, cookies and other treats. Kids can choose from various colors and draw all sorts of words and designs. It also comes with 40 molds to create hearts, stars, sea creatures and more. A warming tray keeps chocolate gooey as the battery-powered pen refills itself by sucking up the sweet stuff into the cartridge. 

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Insect Lore

Spring is the perfect time to share this activity with your kids. They’ll love watching the caterpillars grow, form chrysalides and transform into butterflies. Once the caterpillars become butterflies, you feed them for a couple of days and then release them into your garden. This kit comes with five baby caterpillars, a 12-inch-tall pop-up mesh habitat, sugar packets to make nectar, and a feeding dropper. (Be advised that if you order this kit through Amazon, you’ll need to send in a coupon to order the caterpillars separately.)

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