19 Best Target Circle Week Deals (2023): Robot Vacuums, Instant Pots, Stand Mixers

19 Best Target Circle Week Deals (2023): Robot Vacuums, Instant Pots, Stand Mixers
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If you love the deals that come with Amazon Prime Day but don’t love Amazon, or don’t pay for a Prime membership, you can enjoy similar discounts at Target. The retailer’s competing sale, this year called Target Circle Week, runs from July 9 to 15. Amazon’s Prime Day falls on July 11 and 12. Nothing beats a free afternoon roaming the aisles of Target, picking up random things as you go along, but some of these discounts are worth the virtual shopping spree.

★ Note: You need to register for Target Circle to see and save the deals. It’s free to sign up. You will need to save the offer to your account from the main offer page or on the actual buy page for a particular item to see the deal price at checkout. The coupon will say if it’s valid for in-store, pick-up, or same-day delivery only, or if it includes shipping. We’ll be updating this with more deals as the sales event goes on.

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We test products year-round and handpicked these deals. Products that are sold out or no longer discounted as of publishing will be crossed out. We’ll be updating this guide throughout Prime Day.

Updated July 10: We’ve added a few more deals for home and pet products.

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KitchenAid 4.5-Quart Stand Mixer

Photograph: Target

The larger, 5-quart mixer is typically the discounted model during deals events like this, but these seem to be nearly identical other than size. KitchenAid mixers are among our favorite buy-it-for-life items if you like to cook or bake at home. We usually see these dip even a little lower in price during Black Friday if you can wait until the fall.

People love Instant Pots. There are tons of models, and while we tend to prefer the Pro models, this 6-quart one has nine capabilities, including sautéing, steaming, and roasting. This bundle also includes a silicone egg rack, stainless steel steam rack, and an extra sealing ring.

We haven’t tried this exact Crockpot model, but we have happily used others from this brand. A lot of people have gone the Instant Pot route, but I’m still a slow cooker gal. There’s nothing like the aroma of a meal that’s been cooking all day. This one should make enough to feed a family of seven. There’s a pretty sage green version for $30 ($20 off) as well.

The Dyson V8 Origin on average sells for $350, and it has reached as low as $250 before during prior Black Friday sale events. Still, this is a lower price than you’d typically see, and if you can’t wait, it’s a solid vacuum. It’s a pared-down version of our budget Dyson pick, and you can read more about it in our Best Dyson Vacuums guide.

Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

Photograph: Target

Keurigs are not our favorite coffee makers, but they’re not bad for quick cups. This one is often discounted. It’s super slim, so if you have a small kitchen or need something for your desk, this one won’t take up much room. It also comes in nice colors. If you want bigger Keurigs, the Classic is $110 ($30 off), and the K-Duo, which has a full drip coffee pot attached, is $140 ($50 off).

This Roborock isn’t yet in our Best Robot Vacuums guide, but WIRED editor Adrienne So says it’s thorough and fast, with decent mapping. She notes that you’ll need to program it specifically to vacuum first before mopping, because otherwise it’ll soak your floors. The dock empties the dirt basket and cleans and dries the mop.

This deal is only valid for in-store, pickup, or same-day delivery. Last year, the reward was only $10, so this is a nice $5 upgrade. It’s pretty easy to spend $50 on home products, especially if you’re in need of supplies like toilet paper and laundry detergent. May as well throw a Scrub Daddy in there too.

Litter Genie

Photograph: Amazon

This price is only available for in-store, pick-up, and same-day delivery. If you have a cat, a Litter Genie is a lifesaver. Scoop clumps into the top compartment, then open a hatch to drop those clumps to the bottom where they stay odor-free for two weeks or so, or until you empty it. No more daily trips to the garbage! You do have to commit to buying refill bags, though.

Several pet toys and accessories we like are discounted too, like the SmartyKat Karrot Kicker Cat Toy and the Boots & Barkley Cat Wave Scratcher. But because of the in-store only offers, some of the deals are deceiving. This cat tree, for example, says it’s included in the 20 percent off, but isn’t sold in stores, so when you go to checkout, the discount isn’t factored into your total.

WIRED reviewer Nena Farrell says this is her favorite overall after testing a batch of strollers for an upcoming guide. It has the benefits of a jogging stroller with great suspension and nice wheels, but still folds down flat (though it won’t stand on its own while folded). It’s also slim enough to use for city walks and shopping. It’s already one of the best strollers out there for the money, so the added discount, though small, is a welcomed offer.

Beats Fit Pro Wireless Earbuds

Photograph: Beats

The Beats Fit Pro (9/10, WIRED Recommends) get our top earbud title. They’re comfortable and sound great, and despite being an Apple brand, they seamlessly integrate with both iOS and Android phones. If you have an iPhone, though, these will work the way Airpods do, so you don’t have to download a separate app to control them, and they have some extra functionality. They also come in great colors like purple, pink, and neon yellow. We’re done with plain white buds!

All sizes and versions of the Apple Watch SE (8/10, WIRED Recommends) are $30 off right now. If you don’t need all the fancy features of the pricier Apple Watch Series 8 (also on sale), then the Apple Watch SE will satisfy. It still includes features like fall detection, though skips the always-on display and a few other health features. Read our Best Apple Watch guide for more details.

Quip Metal Smart Electric Toothbrush

Photograph: Quip

Quip electric toothbrushes are capable brushes with a thin neck that makes them easy to maneuver around your mouth. They’re affordable, without the bells of whistles of some other pricey models. This deal is on the smart brushes, which track your brushing habits, with the metal handle—there are plastic brushes also discounted to $40 ($10 off).

One thing is true about Target trips: I always end up with a bunch of beauty products I didn’t go in for. If you too have this problem, you’ll like the $10 you get back if you spend $40 on select health and beauty products. I recommend Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch, the best pimple patches around in my opinion, E.l.f.’s cult favorite Power Grip Primer, and Miss Jessie’s hair products. Target now has an Ulta section too, and while those higher-end items aren’t included in this deal, some of them have discounts of their own.

Toys, Books, and Entertainment Deals

Barbie Brooklyn Hair Playset

Photograph: Target

Barbie never goes away, but she’s having a moment right now with Greta Gerwig’s upcoming film. Most of the Barbie selections are discounted (but not all). Some recent standouts are the Brooklyn Hair Playset which comes with hair extensions, clips, beads, and a bonnet for sleeping. For outdoorsy kids, the Stacie Summer Camp Playset includes a tent, kayak, and even a marshmallow for toasting. Both are discounted to $27 ($7 off).

Following up on the success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the Jedi: Survivor continues the journey of Cal Kestis and BD-1, his cute little droid. This deal is available for the PS5 and Xbox Series X and is the physical version of the game.

Super Mario Odyssey

Courtesy of Nintendo

Got a Switch? You have a chance to fill up your game library with some excellent Mario games for $30 off. The four Mario titles participating in this promotion are New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe, Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, Super Mario Odyssey, and Super Mario Party.

I love physical books, especially paperbacks. This deal includes adult and young adult books, excluding things already on clearance. I’ve been in a Grady Hendrix phase and flew through My Best Friend’s Exorcism, The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires, and Final Girl Support Group.

I’m a big fan of game nights, and I always have a stack of options around. Classics like Clue for $22 and Battleship for $17 are low-key but still fun, but you can test your detective skills with Hunt a Killer games for $30, or your strategy chops with Catan for $48.

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