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Do more using just your voice on MOTO X

Recent Nexus devices come along with Google Voice Commands, which can be called after saying “OK Google”, but Motorola’s Moto-X series, goes much ahead in giving hands-free control to their devices. You can control almost everything in MotoX using Voice commands, some of commands also work on Non MotoX device, but for them you need to install an app called Commandr :

Below is the list of Moto voice commands (in Bolds)  that you can use to tell your Moto X what to do:

  • Goodnight :  Turns on the do-not-disturb mode in Moto Assist.
  • Send WhatsApp message : Send the message from WhatsApp (if installed).
  • Post to <social site name> :  “Moto X is prety cool !”. This message or whatever you said will post on social networking site like FB, twitter, Google+ and so on.
  • What’s Up?  :  Tells you the current time, or unread notifications.
  • What’s this song? : Identify a song
  • How far away is the <location Name>? :  Its just basic google search and tell the distance between your location and your destination.
  • Navigate to home or anyother location name :  If you have mentioned the home location in Google this will help you to locate your home location or get direction whatever you said the location.
  • Take a selfie : This command take your selfie.
  • When’s my next meeting?  : Uses Google Now to see what you’re about to be up to, or what it was your were supposed to be doing.
  • Find my phone : Finds your phone.
  • Remind me to make a call tonight : Sets a reminder to make a call or anything which you want to set?
  • Play <song name> on YouTube : Play the song.
  • Play some music : play music on your music player or play a radio station.
  • Watch <Movie Name> : Watch a movie from Google Play.
  • Read <Book Name> : Read a book from Google Play.
  • What movies are playing tonight? or Where’s <Movie Name> playing? : Find the theaters which has <Movie Name> released.
  • Show me my flights or Where’s my hotel?  : Look up travel plans.
  • Where’s the closest coffee shop or anyother things? : Find the nearest center where you want to go.
  • Show me pictures of the Mona Lisa : Search for images.
  • Talk to me : Its really cool command. It Will announce all missed calls, text messages, all notification and for a half-hour.
  • Set alarm for 7 a.m. tomorrow : Set the alarm whatever time you want.
  • Take a photo or video : Fires up the camera to take picture or recoed the video.
  • Send text to <conatct person name> : Hello whats going on. Or text anyone in your contacts.
  • Check voicemail : Play all voicemails
  • Open <app name> : This command open the installed app.
  • Good morning : Wake up, talk to your phone, learn your next appointment.
  • Get list of commands : Its show all list of commands which available in your MOTO X.
  • What’s the weather? : Tell you the current weather for your current location.

You ask any question like what’s the time in India, Where was born Mahatma Gadhi, How old is Narendra Modi and so on…., you said also conversion between units like how many pounds in 60 kg … tell you the answers for these kind of  questions. Some commands also work on Chrome desktop version and  GoogleNow launcher on mobile by default.


We’ll try to update the list with more voice commands soon, but do share if any new command you might have discovered via comments below.

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