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Google has launched a new Chrome extension named ARC Welder, which is now available via Chrome Web store, and it can run (or test) any Android app within the Chrome browser. The search engine giant stresses that the new Chrome extension release is primarily focused on developers to test their apps on Chrome OS. It’s worth mentioning that the while move might be targeted for developers to test the apps for Chrome OS; though it allows most Android apps to run on desktops such as Windows, Mac, Linux as well as Chromebooks.

Here’s how you can get up and running:

Step 1: Install the ARC Welder extension for your Chrome browser. It’s a considerably big download, but the install process is just like any other extension.


Step 2: Launch the extension via the Chrome App Launcher, which will bring you to a neat, material-ist landing page asking for an APK.



Step 3: Now, you need an APK that you want to run using ARC Welder. You can download any APK you want directly from the Play Store.

Step 4: Once you have the APK loaded, the extension will present a configuration screen that will let you choose orientation, phone/tablet mode, access level etc.


Step 5: When you’re happy with your configuration, hit the Launch App button, and that’s it – enjoy your Android app running on your PC – for the most part.


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