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Situation really sucks when you really want to be at more than one place at same time! Like for example , there is always some pending work on PC and then there is whatsapp which gets really loud after 10 and then there is me, who has a gap of 8 months without computers and wants to keep up with all the TV series, movies, technological releases bla bla bla and is always in a marathon mode. (btw just watching Arrow side by side, it turned out to be so well).Multitasking really is the need of the day.
So ,I came up with a thought about how easy would it be if I am having my 22″ LED and my 5″ cellphone side by side and really use same keyboard to type at both places?? mobile as well as pc(facebook, surfing etc). With some research of my own I found out a solution which was developing a TELNET connection between your pc and mobile via wifi(which you already have installed at your place).Now believe me this is as easy as difficult it sounds!
For this you need to install 2 softwares remote keyboard on your android phone and putty on your pc, both of which are free. So YAY! (download links below) Once done, you need to open your remote keyboard app in cellphone which will tell you the IP address and the port which is opened for the connection.

Remote keyboard app


Keyboard selection

screenshot (1)


Putty pc

unnamed (1)

input in 1,2 and  3


Click on the ‘select keyboard’ in the app and select ‘remote keyboard’.Now just enter the IP and port number from the app in the putty software in PC(This is a direct run software no need to install). Once done you need to click on open in Putty and done, there will be a pop up stating connection is established. Now when you type in this newly opened window you type in the mobile and else where keyboard works normally in PC.

Remote keyboard :- Download Here

Putty :- Download Here

Image source :google

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