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Ok, If someone asks you, where were you last evening at 7:38 pm ? what would be your answer? If you have a sharp memory like Sherlock Holmes, you would definitely answer it correctly, but if you are like me, the answer would be – No idea! I was somewhere here or there.

Well, If I say, that Google knows where you are right this time, or where you were last weekend or even last year? How would you feel about that ?
Yes, Google has an every minute detail of your location, since the moment you bought their Android powered Smartphone.

Google Location History

The good thing is that, they allow you to access all this detail for free. Its called Google Maps Location History. You can visit this link mentioned below and view your detailed location history. And more to that, you can delete the record you want or even you can disable it completely, if you feel that its invading your privacy.
You just need to login to this website, using the same Google Account you used to login to your Android powered Smartphone.

Why to keep it ON ?

  • It can help you get your location record.
  • If you lost your smartphone, there is some probability, that it may turn helpful in tracking it.
  • You can monitor someone else’s location, if you have their Google Account details like your kid, or to help someone when they are travelling away from you.




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