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Written by Deepak

There are few Android apps available in the Google Playstore, which allow you to access your Computer via Android like Unified Remote, Air Droid, where you need to install the PC version on the PC itself (which is bit annoying for me).

Recently, I bought my Nexus 5, and being a lazy, I always try to access my computer in a shortest way possible, so I was looking for an Android app, which could allow me to access my Laptop via USB/Wifi. And with the term “Access”, I really meant ACCESS, not control. There are hundreds of Remote Control apps for Android (though I personally use, Unified Remote – as its lighter, faster and provides large number of remotes).

Let’s get back the title of this post, as I was talking about Accessing your Computer from Android Device, without much hard-work. In case, I wish to stream/browse my Computer content on my mobile, like Videos, Songs, Data, Transfer and much more.

You just need these 4 things to be handy with you:

1)      Your Computer – yes, that’s what we are going to access anyway.

2)      And yes your Android Device too – with a working Internet Pack (This is just needed to get an local IP address to connect to.)

3)      ES File Explorer – my favourite phone explorer (Playstore Download Link)

4)      A connecting medium – like USB cable or WIFI/Portable Hotspot to connect your Smartphone and Computer


In Short:

1)      Get your local IP address, from Network Settings in Control Panel or using IPConfig via Command Prompt

2)      Open ES File Explorer and Click on LAN in Network settings option and Enter that IP address, Login Username and Password, Click on Next, and there you are.


Step for access via USB cable:

1)      Connect your computer and your phone, as you do for file transfer.

2)      Now go to settings of your mobile

  1. Settings
  2. (Wireless & Networks) > More… > Tethering & Portable Hotspot > Select USB Tethering



3)      Exit your settings option and land on Home screen

4)  1   Go to your Computer, Right click on Network Icon on right bottom corner just beside Time, in system tray.




Select “Open Network and Sharing Centre



Below Active Networks, You will see, Connections – Local Area Connection (#7 in my case) – Click on it.



New Dialog Box will pop up, Click on “Details

8) IP

On Next screen you can see your connected IP Address – Hold that screen there and now take your mobile



Launch ES File Explorer > Select Settings > Click on Network > Select LAN > Click on New (to add New)




  • Enter that computer IP address here on the Mobile pop up in Server Field
  • Enter your Computer’s Logon Username – like mine is Happy and your password.
  • Name your Connection (For your ease – Wifi or USB)
  • You can leave the Domain Field empty
  • Click OK – It may take few seconds to connect, and there you are into your Computer via your smartphone.

15)   And if you are curious, that your internet pack is getting utilized or not? Then you can even Enable Flight (Aeroplane) mode, once you are connected successfully. It will still continue to work.

Via Hotspot/Wi-Fi

1)      Enable your computer’s (and Android’s) Wi-Fi and connect it your Wi-Fi Router.

systray wifi

2)      Or enable Hotspot Tethering in Mobile and connect your computer and Android. (If you don’t know this also, then post your issue below in Comments or on Facebook our page.)

3)      Go to Network settings as mentioned in step 4 above.


4)      Select Wi-Fi connection and do the rest as above till you get your connected IP address.

5)      Open ES File explorer on your handset and follow steps from step 9 to step 14 as mentioned above.

You can view all content from your computer on your phone now !


If any issues, you can comment in your issues here below or even post on Facebook –

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