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Written by Deepak

WhatsApp recently allowed us to delete a sent message. Though you can only delete the message within the first 7 minutes of sending it.
But there is a good news, using some apps you can still see those deleted messages, that too without the need of rooting your phone. This trick works for your Android devices. All you need is to download an Notification Logger app on Android.


1) Download Notification History App from Google Playstore

2) Once installed – do the settings as directed by Notification History App (It may need access to notifications)

3) If done with that, you are good to go, just get into the app and check for deleted chats

How it works?

Whenever someone sends you a message on WhatsApp, all the notifications go to Android’s notification logger. So apps like these retrieve your notifications from that logs and show it back to you.

So, when you see a deleted WhatsApp message, just open this Notification Logger and check WhatsApp logs. This may not work all the times due to Doze feature being running on your Android device, which freezes unused apps to prevent your bandwidth and battery consumption.

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