Save RAM by hibernating apps in android.

Written by Chiraj

Many of us dont really know how the android actually works and that, that every apps is always (yes, always) running in the background until and unless you hibernate it or force stop it. This is exactly one of the reasons behind phone freezing/lagging which is why I felt like introducing you to this amazing app called Greenify. Now what it does is simple, it hibernates whatever you want it to hibernate. Be it any app, this app hibernates it and restricts from running it in the background thus saving some precious RAM.
Greenify first needed rooted phones but now works on non rooted phones too. Once installed, pay attention to the instructions and just select the apps in the next screen and click hibernate.
When apps is hibernated you wont be getting any realtime notifications from it as it wont be running in background.For ex, once you hibernate whatsapp, you wont be getting its notifications and any incoming message until you start it again after hibernation. Same is the case with Mails.I dont advice you NOT to hibernate your mails if important mails make there way now and then.Also, launcher is what I would avoid hibernating.All social networking apps like fb,instagram,foursquare etc. and the apps that are not frequently needed are on my hibernation hit-list ;do check the autohibernation feature.

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Note: Guys having possessive gf, using this boon you can now hibernate whatsapp and other apps. You enjoy your internet, you wont be getting pings until you want to.Dont forget creating shortcut of autohibernation.

Download Greenify: download here

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