Push any content from desktop to mobiles and back.

Written by Deepak

Ever occurred, that you are working on your desktop/laptop and suddenly need to open a very large url in your mobile/tablet or other device or have to share an URL to your friend ?
Say, how great it would be, if you didn’t needed to check your device for every notification/alert, you would have a way to check it via your desktop or laptop, just using the internet.

If you have a smartphone and access multiple devices throughout the day, PushBullet is the must have application for you. You can share links, notes, files like images, text, clipboard data and much more within 3-4 clicks. And more to that, you have to option to choose from your multiple connected devices.

PushBullet is available for almost all the platforms and devices. Still their Apple Safari browser extension as well standalone Mac application is expected to be released in January 2015.

Promising Features:

  • Receive all mobile notifications like call or text while working on your computer.


See all of your phone’s notifications on your computer. You can see WhatsApp messages, Emails, texts, phone calls, and more. (Currently Android only, iOS coming soon.)

  • Perform actions like deleting mail, reply, Whatsapp reply or more.
  • Cross-Device Copy & Paste For All
  • The latest update now allows to reply to Facebook, Telegram, Google Hangout, Line & Whatsapp messages right from the desktop.(working with Android right now)
  • Send files from your computer to your phone with a click or back
    Send pictures from your computer onto your phone easily.
  • Quickest way to share links from your computer onto your phone or back.
    Links can be opened or shared right from your notifications. No need of going to Gmail or messaging application to send yourself an long url.
  • Available in 30+ languages and cross-platform availability.
  • Easy to switch to between multiple PushBullet accounts.
  • Broadcast a push to all or selected devices at once.
  • Desktop Notifications via Browser extension as well as stand-alone application. Right Click menu integration to push content right from any screen.


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Professionally, he is a web-designer/Front end developer. A technology enthusiast, tech guru. Spends every minute of his day with computers or mobiles.

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    • Good one 🙂
      They have many common features ! will try to make some points –
      1) the PushBullet mobile app allows you to push any content directly to all or selected device.! where-else you can’t do this with Airdroid.
      2) Airdroid lets you control your mobile device from desktop – Pushbullet is accessible to both sides, from desktop/browser to mobile and back
      3) Airdroid is good if accessing files from mobile via desktop, Pushbullet is good for notifications, common clipboard. sending files from mobile to browser directly and more.
      4) on Pushbullet, you can send one message to all your devices at-once, share it with friends, create a channel and share content to that channel anytime all-together
      5) PushBullet keeps activity of your shared/pushed content.

      Hope it works for now, We’ll post a detailed comparison – very soon. – thank you 🙂

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