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Play Hidden BasketBall Game in Facebook Messenger

Written by Punit

The new feature was introduced in new update to the messaging app on iPhone and Android, and requires you to flick a basketball into a hoop in a game reminiscent of the smartphone classic Paper Toss. The game resets your score if you miss a basket, moves the ball’s starting position around and the hoop will begin to move if you rack up a streak of 10 or more.

The new secret game isn’t quite as complex as basketball games you’ll find on consoles, but it is a fun way to pass the time. It’s probably also a whole lot more interesting than whatever you were using Messenger to chat about before you learned about the new game.

Here’s how to unlock it —

  1. Make sure your Facebook Messenger app is up to date, or it won’t work at all.
  2. Send someone a basketball emoji.
  3. Tap the basketball emoji you just sent.

Basketball isn’t the first hidden game on Facebook Messenger. A secret chess game can be activated if you type “@fbchess play” into a conversation with somebody, with written commands directing the pieces.

what are you waiting for guys…go score the basket. Good luck.

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