Send Map Directions from Desktop to Mobile directly using Google Maps

Written by Deepak

If you have the updated version of Google Maps (ver. 9.11.0) installed in your Android mobile, and you are signed into your Google account on your desktop browser.

All you to do is, look for your destination on Google maps, then when the Address details of destination in the dropdown box, there at the bottom, you’ll notice a small link saying “Send to device” with an phone and arrow icon. Click on the icon, and it shows all your devices linked to that Google Account. And in case if you don’t see your device, then you may need to update your Google Map app on Android device.


google map  sshot

As soon as you send the Direction onto your mobile, you’ll receive a notification on your Mobile device, which on tapping, opens the Google Map on your device and takes you to the location you asked for Directions; and later than you can navigate or get the directions.

Its a good feature if you working on desktop and plan a sudden commute to need directions for some new place, search it on desktop directly and then send it to mobile and head out on the route.

Download Google Maps from PlayStore

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