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This New Whatsapp Update Take Your Messages To The Next Level

Written by Punit

Whatsapps for Android version 2.12.560 brings a reply button in notifications, adds multiple selections for people or groups and hauls in a new wallpaper selector as well. It’s not available yet via the regular Google Play listing. After the update, users will see no difference in the notification alert when a message arrives. However, on expanding the specific notification bar, an option to ‘Reply’ will now be seen below the notification.

On tapping the ‘Reply’ option users would see a full screen quick reply overlay along with a dialogue box and keyboard at the bottom for typing out a reply. The quick reply feature sends the reply without opening the app.




The update allowed users to format text inside messages as bold and italics. Including asterisks around a message will make it turn bold. Putting underscores on each side will turn it italic. And surrounding it with tildes, ~like this~, will make WhatsApp put a line through it. The update also allowed Android users to send pdf files not only from the device storage but from Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive accounts as well.

In the earlier update you can pinch-to-zoom video just like it’s in the photos. Also, you can keep the video in a pop-out floating window while you check other WhatsApp messages. There’s some video editing too now, and you can crop or trim video to reshare it.

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  • suddenly whatsapp call has been blocked in the sense whatsapp contacts are able to dial my number but it is not being connected.With the result neither side is able to hear the voice and we have no other alternative but to switch it off.
    Is there any solution or is it banned in India. A clarification would be helpful

    Thanks K Ramanujam

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