Monitor when your contact uses Whatsapp

Ever wanted to know, when a selected contact comes online on Whatsapp, and how many times did it connected to Whatsapp ?

Yes, its possible on Android. An app called Watchdog, allows you to monitor when a selected contact comes online and goes offline.  And more to that, the contact doesn’t even knows, that its being under surveillance.

Watchdog tells you, how many times, did that contact connected to Whatsapp, within last 24 hours, 7 days, month and all this data is searchable through its log calendar.

The most useful thing, it will notify you, whenever your contact gets on Whatsapp. And it doesn’t gets affected even if the contact has disabled “Last Seen” from privacy settings in Whatsapp or even if you are blocked by that contact.

Watchdog doesn’t stores any data with itself, all collected data is stored on the phone itself. And it also tells you whats the percentage of your addiction level for that contact.

Try it out, keep it safe. And its completely free.

Playstore link

Download Watchdog

Note: Due to some issues, this app has been removed from Playstore and officially renamed to WhatsDog.

Below is the link to download its apk, and follow the rest above mentioned procedure.

Official Link: Download apk

Mediafire Link: Download apk

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  • I have downloaded watchdog but i am unable to register. Whenever i try a message pops up saying reached 100% capacity. If one cant register why have you displayed link for the app. Heard about it good but personal experience bad.

  • hi Deepak, this is a very BAD app created by you. I dont know how useful this is but many perverts would use this to track a woman’s activity. Please DO NOT encourage such apps, for parents it may help but i am sure not many parents know about it.. This is like intruding in someone’s personal lives. In India there are many perverts who torture women, please dont encourage such peeping toms to devastate a woman’s life. I have many friends who are being tortured by perverts just because of such apps.. we need some peace of life, not intrusion from morons

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