Install more than one whatsapp number on same cellphone !!

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Ever wondered if you could activate whatsapp on two (actually make it more than 2) different number on a single android cellphone?? Ever wondered to set a difference between your close buddies and the rest, family and friends, close friends and acquaintances?? Well,lucky for you!  today we are going to see the same!

For this we have two methods, the first one is for non root users and can help you with 2 numbers . The second method is for root users and can help you with any amount of numbers.




Method 1:  No Root Required

Its  the easiest method and is for the noobs of 21st century, just google for the application word disa instant messaging” . Disa is an instant messaging platform currently with few service supports, and Whatsapp happens to be one of it along with normal text integration(i.e you can send your normal text message with it). Its completely free and still in alpha testing.

You might wanna register for the development community and be a tester at their Google plus page with the same Email account, one you use for Google PlayStore.Untitled-1

Once you install Disa, just go to setting and add Whatsapp service.Just activate your number and all your whatsapp contacts will be ported to disa intantly. More services like google hangout and facebook are on their way to be added to disa. Disa surely can be future of unified texting. Due to quick response from a blog reader, the broken link is has been repaired  and updated … click here .

If not , click on the following to install disa and whatsapp plugin for the same. Install both and start Disa .




Important Links:

DISA – website

Google Plus Community – Link

Be a Tester  – Link

Playstore Link (Alpha Testing) – Download 

Download Whatsapp Plugin for DISA – Google Drive link



Method 2: Requires Rooted Phone

Second method requires you to make a good use of  Titanium Backup along with a rooted phone!


First when you install Titanium backup ,grant it root privileges,tap on ‘tap to switch profile’ on the main screen of titanium backup.

If other profile doesnt exist just create one with the create option.

Next click(touch) ‘Backup/Restore’ on same main screen of titanium backup, scroll down and search Whatsapp.

Click on Whatsapp and then go to special features by swiping left and click on enable Multi-user app for this app.

Done! now whenever you change the profile, whatsapp will behave as a newly installed software! Enjoy

PS: Whatsapp never allows more than one instance on activated number in more than one place. So even if are using any method you can activate 2 different numbers and not 2 instances of one number!!  If you want to port from whatsapp to disa, Uninstall Whatsapp first! duh!

screenshot (2) screenshot (1)

screenshot (3)



Playstore Link : Download


For any problem comment below 😀

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