Access blocked websites (Yes, you heard it right – even those porn-sites!)

Written by Chiraj

We seriously don’t know  how many got affected as a result of porn getting blocked in India by government. We are also coming across trolls like “Acche din toh nahi aaye,lekin acchi raatein bhi cheen li “.

So here is trick on how you can open those blocked websites again. Remember, you read it first, here.

Step 1  : Visit Chrome’s/Firefox’s App Store or Plugin page and look for below mentioned extensions.

For example – ZenMate, you can find the list of suggested VPN’s at the end of this article.

Screenshot (66)
Step 2 : When installed successfully, change your location to US .(or any other )

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Step 3 : Restart your browser and its done.

Some of VPN’s available for Chrome, Android, iOS, Firefox

ZenMate : Chrome AppStore – Android PlayStore – iTunes – Firefox

BetterNet : Chrome AppStore – Android PlayStore – iTunes – Firefox

TunnelBear : Chrome AppStore – Android PlayStore – iTunes

Image Source: AIB

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