How to get Google Pixel exclusive AR Stickers on any other Android Phone

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Well, recently during the realease of “Star Wars – The Last Jedi”, Google anounced AR Stickers for it’s Pixel devices. It requires your Android phone to be running on the lastest Android OS Oreo 8.1. It’s a fun feature which can used during clicking photos to shooting videos.

What does this AR Sticker app allows you to do?

This is nothing but an Augmented Reality feature, which allows you to cast specific objects in the real-world but using your Phone Camera. You can cast mutiple objects like BB-8, Storm Trooper from Star Wars, Eleven, Demodog from Stranger Thing. All this objects have pre-defined stories to themselves, like if you place a Demodog and Eleven together, Eleven will use it’s magical powers and hold the Demodog up in the air and makes it vanish from your screen, similarly Storm Trooper keeps on showing directions or actions to other objects. You can place these objects anywhere and click photos or being more creative you can shoot an entire video keeping these characters in frame.

So all the Pixel 2 phones just need their ARCore app to be updated along with need to download AR Stickers App from the Android Playstore.

That’s all what Pixel users need to do, what about others who have received Android Oreo on their devices? Well there is a solution. You just need to check that your Android version is 8.1+, if yes and below are the steps to get AR stickers activated on your Phone. Recent phones which got Oreo are OnePlus3, 3T, OnePlus5, 5T and more. Follow below steps and install these tested apps and get the feature working on your phone. No root required.

Steps: (You need to install these below mentioned apps in same sequence it’s written)

You’ll need to install 3 Android Apps in your Phone.

1) Google Camera – This is the default Android Camera which comes loaded in all Google premium devices like Nexus, Pixel.

2) ARCore App – Its the core app required by Pixel Devices to make AR stickers work.

3) AR stickers – This is like an addon or extension for the Google Camera App. Once this is installed you’ll see a new option inside Googel Camera which enables AR Stickers.

Download Links:

1) Google Camera –

2) AR Core –

3) AR Stickers –

Install these 3 apps in sequence and once done, look for Google Camera inside your phone.
Once the camera is open, click on settings and look for AR Stickers. Now just drag and drop your characters and have fun.

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