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Written by Deepak

The world’s most used and liked mobile app, Whatsapp was been sold to Facebook for USD 19 billions. Although Google even tried to purchase Whatspp, but couldn’t succeed. (Hardluck Google)

But along with its selling, they also gifted Android users, a new feature in their Privacy Section.
Now Android users can hide their Last Seen Time-stamp, Profile picture and Whatsapp Status on mobile. But this feature is not a promised service from Whatsapp right now, its just available on their website’s download file not in Google Playstore.
This feature isn’t yet available in all Whatsapp versions, for the moment. Still, if you want to avail this option in your Whatsapp Messenger, visit Whatsapp’s webpage and download the application file from their and install it.


Screenshot_2014-02-21-15-26-34  Screenshot_2014-02-21-15-26-37  Screenshot_2014-02-21-15-27-41 

Download : Offical Website

PS: Now this facility is available for direct playstore downloads also.

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