Get the new Youtube Player – yes Youtube is getting a makeover.

Written by Deepak

Youtube is working on the makeover of its website and it also includes redesigning the traditional old video player, which hasn’t been changed in years.


The older youtube player

The new design makes Youtube player much of transparent along with new clear icons. It has addition of new animations when you play/pause any video, timer for next video in the autoplay. Currently this player is still in development, and will be getting more new options and makeovers.


And, if you haven’t yet got this new player, Youtube has provided an option to enable or disable it. All you need is to visit and click on “Get the new player” button at the bottom of screen and there you are. Now all your Youtube videos will start in new player. You can also opt-out of the new player, by getting back to this page and click on “Restore old player”. Currently Firefox is using new player by default.

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